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Loving life. =) <3
I love to write <3
All my quotes are original unless otherwise said so please don't copy them unless its one that is meant to be copied! Thanks!
My best wittians are mrshunterhayes, ThisIsMe943, RubiLouise, XxBlackVeilBethxX, and doublesidedice.
You guys are all awesome!
I love grilled cheese sandwiches! They are the best!! I love being weird! Yayness!


hey Samuel!! This hack was easy... Slightly disappointing... Well anywho, you will never guess who this is and your first 2 guesses are wrong. Just trust me on that. I hope your enjoying your mystery of finding out the amazing creature that hacked you.
anyways, I am amazing and there is no denying that. I saw you and your friends laughing at lunch today. and you were angry. You are all so cute! Well anyways, best of luck trying to figure out who I am! xoxo~MEEE
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Hey Rachael. I see you hacked my witty. I will get my revenge. Trust me I will. This hasn't ended yet...


Quotes by wordynerdy


Friends: The people that will

listen to your problems even

when they are stupid.

I have 169 followers yet still get like no faves on my quotes. Do you people exist or am I just sucky at making quotes?

Don't sell yourself short. You are beautiful. You are a gift to the world. You deserve to be happy and you are worth fighting for. Stay strong. <3

Did anyone else
go to Steubenville East this weekend?
when all else fails
dance like no one is watching
sing like no one is listening
ignore the haters
and live your life to the fullest
You can't change the world all at once. But if you keep doing little things they add up.
Rhode Island has the third (3rd) lowest obiesity rate in the country, and yet the most donut shops per capita.
No, seriously. For some reason most people are like really skinny but there is a Dunkin Donuts every 3 minutes... literally.

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Witty Profiles,
A crazy place where everyone is obsessed with nutella and music. Oh yeah, and full of way too much estrogen.

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BravoSierra's format
Got invited to  2 parties
in the same week.
Not sure where all these friends came from but hey, i'm not complaining 

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