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Quotes by wotsmyname


Some times its to hard to bear the pain,
and the only releif is sticking the blade into your skin..


~moulin rouge.

Her heart is not your dick

So stop playin with it.


~moulin rouge.
The awkward when you think i said moment



I hate the quotes that are like -
Awhh my friends going to commit suicide
If i get 300 faves i'll stop her..

Seriously. If MY friend was going to commit suicide
I wouldnt be on witty..
Id be at her side convincing her not to do somting stupid..

Seriously are you THAT desperate for faves?


Format by Sandrasaurus


Fave if your from america,
comment if your from europe:)

ust wandering..

I go kicked out of maths class

Apparntly the anwser to 
"What comes after 69"
Isnt mouthwash..


And he will never know how much i love

That feeling when you know  your losing your