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hey I'm Brittany(: i lovee my boyfrriendddd <3 hess myy worllddd. i amm a cheerleader, dont judgee, its my life & passion. i loveee hangingg with friendss and i love SUMMER 2011. <3 :) hmuuuu.

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spaces DO matter.

fave if your dirty mind read this wrong

nmf <3

the awkward moment when......
when you see Cady Heron wearing army pants & flip flops, then you buy army pants & flip flops.... 

boys treat girls like video games; plays you then moves on the the next. </3

I'm done. If you like me; make an effort. I've wasted waaay too much time on you.

last night my exboyfriend who i have been talking about, he confessed to me that he was checking me out over the past weeks and how he doesnt get why guys dont like me. but he also said he didnt like me? by him saying this do you think he actually likes me but doesnt want to tell me. comment what you think. thanks <3

Girl is late to class:
Teacher: why are you late?
Girl: I was blowing bubbles

*5 minutes later*
Another girl is late to class

Teacher: And why are you late?
Girl: I was blowing bubbles

*5 more minutes later*
A boy is late to class

Teacher: Let me guess, you were blowing bubbles too?

like if you get it [;

I noticed that whenever
Someone commits suicide, people say
"Awh thats a shame they were beautiful"
Heres an idea, maybe say that when their alive because maybe

They wouldnt be gone

i'm so scared of getting hurt again. it seems like no guy ever just wants me.