Status: "No one really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy."
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About Me :)
Name: I'd like to be called Noah (I don't want to give out my real name, and I love this name so... seems legit.)
Age: Teen (once again, I'm super cautious, so yeah, just know that I'm in High School...)
Fandoms: (not in this order) Harry Potter, One Direction, Hunger Games, Ed Sheeran, (idk if this is even a fandom but) X Factor (USA), Supernatural (I've JUST recently started watching it, I'm only in season 5, but I'M IN LOVE)
Music: I'd say I'm pretty well rounded when it comes to music, if you've read above ^ then you'd know I'm a Directioner, but I promise not to be too creepy on here :) I also like some other pop, some random Indie music (because I'm just soooo Hipster, psh), some classic rock, verrrrry little: dubstep, country-pop, and I also like a little dance music.
Hobbies: Hahahahahahhaahahahahahahaha, gosh I'm so funny. lol jk, internet, reading, internet, listening to music, internet, eating food, internet, getting attention from those who don't deserve mine (but that's a whole other topic homie, internet. 

I don't really do "follow for follow", but I'll take a look at your page, and I might follow you then :)

-Beauty is not in the face, but the light in the heart.-

Quotes by wowurcrazy

whispers: ya know Steve, it would help with all the drama on here if you didn't have all those gay marriage adverts...
*crawls out from under rock*
Are we done with gay stuff yet?
(I often think about this...)
I kind of have this idea that everything you do changes the outcome of your day, week, ect.; so if you had chosen to do something differently, would the present still be the same? 
Does this make any sense, or do I sound crazy?
3/22/'13 - Witty Journal
Why can't she just understand that I don't want a boyfriend, and that I'm fine being single?!? Jeez, you're not cupid! 
Ugh, I've got this friend who's CONVINCED that I need a BF, and I could care less right now honeslty. I don't even want to be in a relationship right now! 
She even made a freaking list of what I like in a guy!
I mean, I appreciate the help and concern and all but come ON

It's actually kinda funny though, because I've been doing just fine on my own, I think. It's hard to tell if a guy's flirting with you huh? Idk if they're even flirting, or if he's just creepy, or if he's just talking to me. Stupid boys, making life complicated. 
walk up in the club like whaddup i have a great personality

When people go gay in tv shows just to add more drama  

I know everyone hates these kind of quotes.
And I promised myself I wouldn't make one, EVER.
But, as of today, I'm breaking that promise.
Hi, I'm Noah (as far as you know...), and I think I'm cracking, or maybe just crazy...
I've been having trouble sleeping, for whatever reason, (it's been getting better though) and it's starting to affect me. 
Also, I've been getting these weird mood-swings, like everything is happy happy joy joy, and then BOOM: I'm really sad, or I feel nothing. It's been freaking. me. out. (Oh, and these thoughts are never suicidal, and they never make me want to self harm or anything, by the way.) Another thing: I get super frustrated, like I'll drop a pen on accident, and that'll make me pick it up and throw it accross that room and be like "UGH! STUPID PEN!" and sometimes it'll make me get all teary eyed. 
But see, what scares me is that my life is great. My grades have taken a turn for the better (except for one, but I'm working on it), my parents never fight, me and my sister love each other and get along great, no one I know has died recently, and I'm not fighting with anyone. So what's wrong? Absoutely nothing; and that's the problem. You'd think that there would be a reason for this, but I can't find one. 
If anyone has ever experienced this, please tell me below, so that I can get a feel for what's going on. I'd like to fix it, if possible, because it's a horrid feeling.
Are there any happy people on here?
Because everyone seems depressed, and idk, it's kind of upsetting.
Like, do yall need a virtual hug or what?
SO my friend that's been cutting, I'm worried about him (duh). 
I've thought hard, and I think I'm going to ask him to try that Butterfly Project.

I'm nervous about asking him though...