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Senior year, I never knew I was going to fall in love with someone who would be my wife.
As you knew, Sarah was living with cancer however as the years and months went by
she became better and she beat cancer two years ago, and I stayed by her side this
whole entire time.
We both started going to chruch and keeping our words that we will both attend every 
Wednesday and Sundays and every other Fridays. Sarah's father did pass away 
last year but we both visit his grave every weekend after church, and I miss the old man.
My friends and I ended up splitting since we all attend different colleges but Ill always 
remember the memories we had together and theyll always be the friends that I once knew.
For now, Sarah is my best friend and she is all I need. Each day I still fall in love with her.
I came to now notice small things in life. One person can change everything, and that one
person can be with you forever. 
I dont regret anything and the bet- well now. Sarah and I just laugh at it because it brought us 
together and I am happy that it did.
Sarah and I has been married for 10 years now, on our graduation I proposed and I know that
was too soon but it was needed because I wanted to make her my wife before we didnt know
if she was going to live or not. So therefore I made a good choice.

We were in our car watching the sunset that we both loved to do by the lake where we both
jumped off on our prom night.
"Remember this place." I said, parking the car.
Her eyes widen and her smile glowed slowly,
"Yes." she got out the car quickly and so did I.
She took off her clothing and took off running, 
"Whoever is the last one is a rotten egg." she laughed and I didnt have time to take off my clothing,
so I ran pass her and be both ran and jumped at the sametime. 
"So that bet." she repeated the words from 10 years years, 
"did you lost? or?."
I repeated the words again , and this time with a smile.
"I sure did, but it was worth it."
a/n : super short story, which all of my stories are like that. They just get to the point, but i finished this story which I love so much to be honest.
But this chapter and the last one has the same exact ending but only this one is from 10 years later.
You guys are wondering, Sarah and Tim are both in their late 20's in this chapter, so saying 10 years seem like they are 50, which it isnt.
But , I hope you guys like this story and I'll be back with another one.


Today was the night of prom and I was getting Sarah ready instead of being with my boys.
She is way more important than them, and since she is weak I might as well step in.
She put on her blue dress and applied a little touch of blue and white make up. She honestly
looked like an angel, my angel. 
After when she was done with that she put on a wig and looked at herself for a good five
minutes. I walked up to her and took it off because she didnt need it. I wanted her to be herself,
not someone who shes not.
"You look beautiful just like that." 
She smiled at my comment knowing that I made the right choice.
Her father stepped in , "Ready to take some pics?"
Throughtout this month me and her father actually got along, he wasnt a bad man at all.
We all started to attend church every Wednesdays and Sunday and after that he would take us
to the animal shelter which is always Sarah's favorite place.  
We headed to take photos and it felt like we took a lot. 
I finally took Sarah's hand and before heading out I said,
"I was born ready." She said with a beautiful smile, which I fell in love with.
We got to the party and I can see everyone is looking at Sarah, and I know she felt 
"Youre okay?" I asked her while we sat at the table near the corner.
"Why is everyone looking at me?" She questioned
"Because you are beautiful."
She smiled and I know that smile meant a thank you.
"Lets escape." She said grabbing my hand and before I can answer we were heading out the door,
heading somewhere that I didnt know.

I drove my car towards a lake, Sarah took off all her clothing,
"Last one to the lake is a rotten egg." she said while taking off, she looked so beautiful and
she looked happy.
I ran off with her and before you knew it we both jumped into the lake with a yell full with happiness.
We splashed and played with the water.
"So that bet." She mentioned and had a wide smile ,
"Did you lost it or ?"
I replied, and kissed Sarah for the longest.
"I sure did, but It was worth it."


Sarah got out the hospital yesterday morning, and we was expecting her to return within a week.
I was happy because we finally get to go prom shopping, she didnt have any friends so she wanted
to tag me along. I wanted to see her the day of prom but I know she is going to look beautiful regardless.
"What do you have in mind?" I questioned, looking ahead.
"A light blue dress, my dad's favorite color."
"And ill find a light blue tie." I smiled, and I could feel her smile heating on the side of my face.
We stopped at the nearest store, she told me that she didnt want an expensive dress, the moment
we spend together was all that mattered. And I couldnt agree anylonger.
We was searching for that perfect light blue dress, but the outfit she had on right now was perfect enough.
We both spotted a light blue dress, after that we looked at each other, knowing that this one was the one.
"This one." She said going into the fitting room and she told me to tag along. I got nervous at first but then
I got used to it. She was getting weak and she needed help.
I slide the dress onto her and she turned around towards the mirrior. Sarah honestly looked like a
We both were speechless, I walked towards her and kissed Sarah on her beautiful sweet lips for the first
time ever.We finished and we looked at each other, I can honestly say that I love Sarah and I had her back,
just how I wanted.
"You look perfect, as usual." I commented, I always told Sarah she was beautiful, not because she needed
to hear it because she was going through a batle, only because she was.
And she always will be.


I was waiting for the weekend to come so I could visit Sarah. I havent seen her this whole month, she was still 
at the hosptial. Her father reported that she was doing well but he doesnt know when she was coming out.
Prom was coming less than three weeks, and I didnt know if she was going to attend anymore, especially
I used her for a bet, a stupid one.
I was driving alone, heading the hospital. I was hoping that she was going to be happy to see me, but 
again I wouldnt be happy to see me if I was used for a bet. 
I had questions all over my head, Sarah please be okay. The prom didnt matter to me anymore, If I could
spend more time with her i'll be okay. Everything will be okay.
I approached to the hospital, I never been here and her father told me that her room was 202 and visitors hours
were 2pm-3:30pm. I came early so I can spend every minute with Sarah.
"Right this way." The nurse said, he opened the door and I saw Sarah.
She didnt look sick, she looked fine. But I know that wont last any time sooner. But, deep down she looked beautiful.
"Tim." She said while turning around. My heart stopped, it always have been when I was with her.
"Tim, what are you doing here?" Sarah said, she didnt sound mad, happy or anything. She sound hurt, painfully,
and there was nothing I could do about it.
"Sarah,You look beautiful." When I said that she took off her wig, 
"Its a wig."
"You still look perfect."
She smiled at my comment, she was bald, but it made her cute.
"May I ask? How long?"
"Happened when I was 13, we thought it went away but they said it was going to kick in when I am 17."
I looked at her, and sat down touching her hands.
"Sarah, I am so sorry about what happnened. I didnt know I was going to fall in love with you. If I knew
I wouldnt have used you for a bet, it was a dare that my friends made. But each day I fall in love with you and I cannot
help that. The minute you got into my car the first time, the minute you walked away , me waiting for your dad to open the door,
seeing you smile while you wait for me at 3pm. Sarah, I love you. And Im such an as***** for treating you like this." I said,
noticing tears appearing , I was too emotional.
"I love you too Tim. What are we going to do?"
I looked at her forreal this time, Im going to restart our relationship and treat her like a queen she is.
"Im still taking you to prom."


I havent talked to Sarah nor seen her after what happened. She wasnt waiting for me 
at my car at 3:30pm, she wasnt waiting for me outside her door at 7:30am. I felt depressed,
sick more than ever. I didnt want to blame my friends for what happen but then again it was ther fault,
if it was for this stupid bet I wouldnt have fallen in love with Sarah. Along with that I havent spoken to
my friends, even if they tried, nothing ever came out my mouth.
"Are you okay?" Kyile questioned, getting herself comfortable sitting at the lunch table. I sat away, in the 
corner from everyone. Hoping and praying that everyone would just leave me alone.
"Yeah, Im fine." I said, never looking up at her but she knew that I wasnt okay,I was hurt. I wanted help,
but I want that help from Sarah, nobody else.
"No you arent, Did you honestly liked Sarah that much?"  She questioned, I look back with a sharp look.
"She was different than the other girls. She actually cared, but I took advantage. I regret it."
"She still cares, you never know."
"Cares? Why would she still care about someone who doesnt like her."
"You dont like her, you love her."
I looked at Kyile again, she was right. I didnt like Sarah, I loved her. And I need her back. Now.
"Yes." I said, finally. 
"You cant give up, Go get her back"
That afternoon I drove to Sarah's house. Ever since she found out about the bet she hasnt been
at school, nor at church and I kida felt bad that someone like her had to go through something
like this. 
I tried to spot Sarah, everywhere in her yard. But she wasnt there, Sarah always told me she loves to
spend time outside, enjoying every moment of everything that went on. 
I saw a shadow from her house and I had knocked and opened the door. Her father looked at me confused
"What the he11 are you doing here Tim?" he said, her father was so old. How could he ever live.
"Wheres Sarah?"
"Oh now you care about my daughter." Her dad snapped back, he always had a smart mouth, that old man.
"I always care about Sarah, I always have. It was only a bet and I regret it. I didnt meant to fall in love with Sarah
but it just happened. The moment she looked at me-"
Save it, You tell Sarah that, Not me." He narrowed his eyes.
I looked around to see where she is at.
"Shes not here."
"So where is she?" I asked , I had a sollow in my voice. Where is Sarah ? Is she okay?
"At the hospital." 
"What? Why?"
Her dad looked at his hands, and then back at me,
"Sarah is diagnosed with cancer."


"What color should we get?" Sarah asked, picking out ribbons for her art project.
God, she looked so beautiful.The pass month I had spent with Sarah was amazing,
I tottally forgot about this whole bet thing. I fell in love withSarah, and I am not ashamed
to say it.
"The gold one." I pointed out, seeing her smile made me warm up inside,
no matter how much I saw her smile I had the same feeling each time.
"Gold It is." she giggled and put it in the bin.  She was so adorable,
I couldnt help it but just stare at her for a moment.
"What?" she said after she caught me looking at her.
"Nothing, You are just so beautiful." I said finishing up my sentence.
She smiled at my comment- and there goes my stomach full with butterflies.
"Stop it ." Sarah played around,"Take me home."
And so I did.

Nothing was the same as before, and my friends started to get annoyed
with me, they couldnt face the fact that I was actually happy.
"You coming to play pool." Zach said, grabbing his jacket.
"No, I have to take Sarah home today." 
"Have? You sounding like you are supposed to take her home, you are not
her father. She has a dad."
He was right, but he doesnt understand the fact that I like taking Sarah home. 
"I know, but I like taking her home. I like to know that she is safe."
Zach gave me a horrid face, He was annoyed the most because his best friend was taken away from him.
"No what you dont get is that you have friends, you cant be hanging out with her every second of her life." 
Zach agrued back, but he was wrong, he was so wrong because he doesnt understand.
"I understand that I have friends, but Sarah is my girlfriend-"
"Girlfriend? she is not your girlfriend , you are only dating her because of this stupid bet that we made you 
do, now all of suddenly you love her? You are joking." Zach was insane, he was actually yelling, yelling at
his best friend.
He continued, "Man , I miss you , but you cannot let this bet fool you, shes not worth nothing." 
I looked at him hard, "Just because she was part of a bet doesnt mean I dont love her."
Before, Zach could reply back a soft occured across the room
"Tim, What Bet? I was part of a bet?" 


my friends has been dying to know what is going on with me and Sarah, and to be honest with you, there
is nothing going on with me and her.  Lately I been dropping her home and picking her up at 7. Nothing,
is happening. 
"So what?" I answered back, I looked at my group of friends with confusion.
"Hows you and your girl?" John asked,
"What girl,who is my girl?" 
I knew who they were talking about , but I had to hide the fact that I am honestly slowly falling in love with Sarah.
"Forget it man, Where have you been?" John continued and I can tell my friends are honestly getting upset that
I am spending time with Sarah more and more within the week. But it isnt my fault, Sarah is always in a need
for a ride, and I refuse to say no.
"No where,I been with Sarah. She need rides and I am always here." I said like nothing was going on.
I talked to my friends like everything was normal.
"You havent been here though, what is up?" Kyile jumped in backing up for John.
"Nothing." I shouted louder getting annoyed about hearing whatever they had to say.
I looked around to find Sarah, she said to wait for her at the cafe, but instead here I am with my friends, who wont leave
me alone. I was alone until my friends came along and disturbed my mood because all I wanna see is Sarah.
We been together for at least three weeks and I am slowly falling in love with Sarah.
"I think you like her." John said.
"No, I dont bro. She told me to wait for her here and when she do come, im out." I snapped right back
as soon as I turned I saw Sarah, she waved before walking towards me. From miles away I can see her bright smile.
"Yes, yes you do like Sarah , just admit it." Kylie spoke again, I grabbed my bookbag and before heading out I finally
had the gust to say it,
"And if I do like her, your point is ?"


Today was the day I get to ask out Sarah, the bet I was given. I saw her today,
since when she was in my biology class? Her curly red hair flow past her shoulder and
her lightskin , everyone said she is mixed with black and white but they wouldnt hit and run
because her parents spend time at a church, there was no way they can cross that line.
When I enter class, she gave me a warm smile and I turned away. My friends watched closely
and smirked when they saw her smile. 
"Dang, smile already? When is the wedding?" John joked and I smacked him,
"Shut up."  
I laughed afterwards, why do they have to joke around so much?
"New, rule" Kylie shouted, "You have to ask her out during lunch, where everyone can see."
I looked at her hard, what were they thinking, they are taking this way too far, its not funny anymore.
John, Diana, and Michael agreed to the new rule.
"You should have said this yesterday not the day of the bet." I pointed out and it was true, I dont 
even like Sarah, I dont even know her.
"Too bad Tim, The new rule is funny." John said. 
I dont know what they are thinking but all I know is that Im going to be spending time with my
friends at prom. Not with some dumb chick who I dont even know , she can tag along and be an 
outcast for all I care, she is already an outcast , wouldnt make a difference.
"You still with the bet?" Diana said, before class starting,
"Of coure."

It was time for lunch, finally . Only happy because I can finally eat my turkey sandwich
something I get on the daily. 
"So when you plan on asking her out." Michael said, "Shes right over there."
Sarah was sitting down reading the bible, Im pretty sure she read it over 100 times,
and each time she finds something new about it. 
"I see her." I moan, can I just eat my sandwich in peace, "I will ask her out when
I am finished"
All of my friends sat down waiting for me to get my as* up and ask her out. 
"Alright, Ill do it now."
"Someone is a chicken."  John said, I ignored the comment and I walked towards Sarah
who was reading the bible, I am not shock.
I stand in front of her,
"Hi Tim." She said, her voice was so soft and friendly,  I didnt understand why Sarah didnt talked
to anyone, from what I know she always looked happy.
"Hello, Sarah."  I looked back and all of my friends was watching very closely, giving me thumps up.
"So the bible?" I said nervously,
"Yes, isnt so beautiful, you go to my church. The lesson last week was the most touching ever, what 
you thought?"
Was the bible the only thing the came out of this girls mouth?
"FIne, prom is coming up, would you like to go with me?" I finally announced, she  looked at me with 
a strange expression,
"Tim, I didnt think anyone would ask me. Yes, Ill go with you. But one thing, could you drop me home
today, my feet kinda hurts from walking everyday."
I only asked her to prom, now she wants to get in my car?
"Sure, meet me in front of the school after the bell." I said.
Sarah closed her bible and gave me a hug.
"Thanks Tim."
I walked back to my group table,
what she said? They all questioned, I was speakless to even speak, nothing came out my mouth
and I finally said,
"She said yes and I have to drive her home today."


It started off with a girl. A shy one to be exact. I didnt honeslty notice her until I was dared to
 ask her to senior prom. To be honest with you, I wasnt exactly looking forward for it. 
"Bro, you gotta do it, a dare is a dare." Michael said with two of his arms wide open
showing who is boss. I couldnt stand him and his smart comment.
"Shut up."  I said, letting myself down for this stupid bet. But then again,
a bet is a bet and I have no choice.
"Wait, What is Tim's Bet and who he have to ask out?"  Our other friend, John
asked coming from the bathroom. Since the whole crew was here to 
humilate me, might as well get use to it, this wasgoing to be a long month.
"Sarah Backlord." Michael said with his mouth full with pizza. Yuck.
"You better change her ways, chick will come to prom with a 
d*mn bible and a pastor." John joked and everyone laughed loudly. But, 
he wasnt wrong, Sarah always held a bible and nobody talked to her. 
Dont get me wrong,  I go to church often but I am forced and I
never see the point of it.
We finished our pizza quickly before heading out. Tomorrow is the day 
I have to ask Sarah out.
"Bro , make sure you do it." John said, closing his car door.
I nodded. 
"Dont be a chicken , she aint nothing." John laughed and drove off.
"John is right, you might as well go shopping now because shes 
going to say yes." Kyile are other friend said heading off.
Kyile was the nice one out of all of us. We dated for a year,
but broken up after she founded out I cheated on her with her best friend,
Diana. It was honestly a good thing that we remain friends because she is
a true friend and always express her feelings. It was ashamed that I done some-
thing so stupid to her, but the only thing I can think about is,
Sarah, I want her to say no.