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 Were just lovers lost in space, searching for our saving grace
...hai !, my names Brie Rae Rogers(: I'm extremely tall, LOVE basketball and f a l l easily . So be ready to catch me if you lift me ;* I love stars and the night, and moments that just make things complete. <3 I've been known as bestfriend to biggest b*tch ever by the same person, so I guess it depends on who you are;* I live in Sh*tty Pitty, and sh*ts rough, but wherever you find me in life, find me with a... ...smile.        








Quotes by written_in_stars

Have you ever gone ;
So Long without the one you love,

You begin to get dizzy like a,


you get so dizzy your sick,

And you know you never want to,

Go on that ride again .


I need this hole gone.
Your not the one who needed saving .
Try being me, spinning round and round, never know when i'll hit the ground  .

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                Nature's way of tricking people into reproducing .

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