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Hi I'm Jenny and I'm 16 years old.
I live in Greece, a beautiful country c; and I'm a Gamer Girl (Yes Now keep reading xP)
I created this account at '13 but i didn't had time to log in.
So this account is untoutchable for 1 year o.e
I was busy playing pc and ps3 games ;D
Anyways, i will be posting the most inspirational quotes so they can help in you in different situations ;3
So these are some PS3 games which I LUV ^-^ :
Far Cry (All)
Assasins Creed <3 (All)
Mortal Combat
The Last Of Us
Call of Duty (All)
Battlefield (All)
Tomb Raider (All)
Skate (All)
Metal Gear Rising (All)
Just Dance 3
In Famous (All)
Bioshock Infnite
God Of War (All)
And many many more <3

PC Games:
League of Legends <3
Dota 2
well thats it <3

My accounts on LoL and IMVU:
UnknownThing (Server Eune)
x0GreenEyes ;3

Note:(Since im playing these games that doesn't mean i'm a phycological creeper ;p)


Quotes by x0GreenEyes

All those game or movie characters
have learnt me the most valuable things in life
than a person would do.


Let The Cold Take You


It Always


Is it only me or when i watch a thriller/horror movie..
i look everywhere to find monsters?


Twinkle Twinkle Little Wh0re
Close your legs they're not a door.


I live only for the music.
I pain and i sing.
I don't understand.
But i breathe and live.
Everyday like it was my last one.


Yup I was hurt.
It still hurts.
But you know.
I let it go.
And i left it.
Where it belongs.
With the
fake people
and the fake
Forget the pain
Not the past.


Well sorry that i wasn't posting ANY quotes those..months
But you know..AND i have a really nice excuse for that.
Blame school..and today i wrote History..and tomorrow Maths ._.
I'm killing myself right now.
(I think no one missed me ._. srsly)


Fave if you have the coolest bro/sis

Comment if you don't.


The good feeling you get

when you finished all your