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Julia. 14. freshman in highschool.

Im the type of girl who's quiet but happy and always has a smile on her face even though its much more on the inside.
I love Christofer Drew aka NeverShoutNever, MTV'S teen wolf, one direction, music, movies, books.
Im usually a lone wolf, but sometimes i wish i wasn't.
I stay up all night and sleep in all day, but hey, thats me.




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Is it just me, or when you put your cursor over the Witty word up at the top it blinks rainbow colors?

Im going to 
stand outside. So if anybody asks
Im outstanding. ;)


There are just some people who like to act like

they're normal.                       


Lost and insecure
you found me, you found me
lying on the floor
surounded, surounded 
why'd you have to wait?
where were you? where were you?
just a little late 

You found me, you found me.


Trying to understand you, i s like trying to Smellthe color  9.


                                                 If what  you see by the
                                                 eye doesnt please you,
close your eyes and
                                                 see from the heart.

                                                 Because the heart can
                                                 see beauty and love 
                                                 more than the eyes can
                                                 ever wonder.


-Why do i always feel like i dont


that moment

when you go to bed alone
and wake up with a girl in your bed
and then you discover that shes ugly
and then you discover its a man
and your in jail
then you wake up and realize its all a dream
then you remeber your at work
and your boss is right behind you
and you were fired and now your homeless
and then you say how: " cant this get any worse?"
and it starts to rain




got this from an app.
thought it was funny :) 



When you see the same quote you have a couple months later on the top quotes and your just like -_-

Remember when we were little
and we used to stick out our pinkies at each other,
because we thought it meant
"f*** you" in China?