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??[love] iS oNe oF ThOsE [CrAzY ThiNgS]?* ThAT No MaTTeR HoW HaRd YoU TrY YoU JuS [cAnT FiNd ThE WoRds] *??To TeLL wHaT uR [FeeLiN iNsiDe]?* [ A g E ] 14` [ N a M e ] Tracy [ S c h o 0 l ] CMS [ S i n G l e or T a k e n ] Taken [ B f 4 l ] Witt Marie :o) y0u know when y0ur makinq a sn0w anqel and its p e r f e c t ... except f0r that little handprint y0u made while you were qettinq up? well. . thats what you are to0 me only w i t h o u t ' t h e ' h a n d p r i n t {|I would n e v a find another lover sweeter then yhoo

Quotes by x0TeArSz_FaLlEn0x

fromAMtoPM ...
Find a honey that`s standinq on the wall
aLL the girLs `nd the guys on the floor
somebody hit the liqhts so we can rock
it day `nd night ; people getting down
that`s right... from AM to PM !!! .x0*

*make the fromAMtoPM impact and really big and make the colors fade
i need lovee l0vee.., to easE my mind *
i need to find find some1 to call mine`
but moma sAid u cant hurry l0ovE no `
u just have to wait sHe said luv dont `
come easy its a game of givE and taKe
when i first saw you i alreaDy knew
there waS something inside of you..
s0omething i though tHat i could <|3
|[ n e v e r ]| fiNd . angle 0f miNe *
*... and everytime i try to fly i fall without my wings
i feel so small i guess i need you baby and
everytime i see you in my dreams i see your face its
haunting' me i guess i need you baby -
you understnad it all u reach out each time
i call [<3] ur the bEst frieNds that i fouNd
xoOx ______ bFfaE`s ________ xOox"
I may nOt rEmember mOmEnts with yOu`s
But i`ll nevEr forGet our friendsships [-]
the feeling of love and happiness at the same time is when the
butterflies in your tummy -fly up to your heart and u just have
to smile <3 i never want this feeling to go away sweetheart x0
aNd ~ im not sayin there wasn't nuthin wrong ... i just din't thiinK u'd ever gehT tieRd of mee...nd i'm no_0t SsaYyiin...we EvER had the riite to hOld on ... ii just cOUlDnt eVeR leT yhOo get awaY from miii <3
..but..if thats how u wanna leave...straiiitEe ouT froM undErNeaTh tHEN we'll C who'Zs SOrrrii No0w <//3
. . . i long for your lips to kiss me
 again. . dont you know my bodys
 aching it seems we always have
 a price to pay..and falling in love
 it all starts to ache.. -britney <3
... flip flops & sun*kissed cheeks
 summer<3 n relaxin at the beach
 tan'n by the pool, havin no cares
 summer o4. .[were almost there]