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"Wake up every day stronger than yesterday, face your fears and wipe your tears. "

Be happy, put on a smile, life is worth living, so stay awhile.

Everyone deserves to be happy.

Life is what you make of it, so don't sit around wishing it was better.

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"There's a part of me that never sleeps, there's a part of me that cannot dream, there's a part of me that never said goodbye." 

Hiya, my name is Tori. Im 14 years young, and i love music.Here is a little about me....
My friends are my world
I fall for guys way to easy
I love animals
I would die without music
I promote singers who then become my best friends
i like running, judge me.
Im in love with ADD twins.. Nathan and Caleb<3
I'm very socially awkward
I have slight anger managment
I love meeting new people
Jacob Whitesides, Austin Mahone, OllieG, PSanders, Dylan Holland, LEVI, Kalyeb and so many more are the best singers ever.
I hate my body
i like cats
I believe everyone deserves to be happy

i am obsessed with the notebook&the last song. Enjoy some quotes:

the note book-“You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love.”  Th   The the t

the last song---“Love is fragile and we’re not always its best caretakers. Even the best of us make mistakes; we just muddle through and do the best we can to hope this fragile thing will survive by all odds.” 

When all else fails, remember to smile

Quotes by x0ToribooXo

Hold my hand,
promise me you won't ever let me go


                                                              Miracles happen everyday..


If the weapon
is your love,

I got my hands up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Don't know who you are
But you look like a STAR,

and everybody here is thinking

Who's that boy?♥


if you say gullible 
Really slowly,
it sounds like


Got ya(; NMF


School, school go away. 
come again another


Guy best friends
are so much better to have then girl friends. 
They listen to all your problems

without telling you that there problems
are so much worse then yours.

you dont have to worry about
them telling your secrets to anyone or secretly spreading them around. They make sure that you are okay. When your crying to them, they listen without budding in. They tell you that the jerk who broke your heart was not good enough or that you deserve much better. They act like the older brother you never had. They love you more than anything.
But sooner or later 
you start to fall in love with them

The way the girls stare,
Look at his hair!
He's so hot!
How could you not
First names Justin,
Look how hes bustin'.
Last names Bieber,
Do you have the fever?

                       ♥ not my format!

Beauty shouldn’t;
be judged by the size of your jeans ♥

I love you not because of
what you can give me,
its because how my heart warms up
whenever I am near you.