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I'd swim the Ocean For you

I wanna be the wind that fills your sails &
be the hand that lifts your veil
be the moon that moves your tide
the sun comin up in your eyes
be the wheel that never rusts
be the spark that lights you up
all that you've been dreaming of.

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R.I.P Nick</3*
Nothing will ever be the same without you. You were and always will be my first and only true love. Nothing will ever change that. I dont understand why you had to leave us so early but you did. I can't wait to meet you again.

Love is like fire works
beautiful and terrifying at the same time.
quiet and nervous
in the beginning,and then it's an  incredible light right before your eyes.an  explosion of excitement and brilliance. it enters
with extreme  beauty
and slowly fades away, some quicker than others, but there are the few lucky ones that hang on till the
end, their   sparks flying and  falling  until  they  aren't visible.
true love may fade, but it will never die.


Quotes by x0_christine_0x

So much for the promises
i never intended
to keep.
look at the stars. they're the same stars as last week, last year. same as when we were kids, when we weren't even born. in 100 years no one will ever know who we were, but they'll know those same stars.

lonliness is the human condition and noone is ever going to fill that space

 Never let a man spend the night.
never apologize.
 never explain.
" there differnt then us; meaning they can not be trust. NOW WE START THE DRUMS OF WAR."

" i cant leave you... you wont?.. no matter what happensi'll be with you forever"
Trying to take us back to where we were before
But I'm done. I just can't do this anymore
'Cuz we can't be mended, so let's stop pretending now
We've been walking around in circles for some time
And I think we should head for the finish line
So believe me. 
I am sorry
Every little tear
I was scared to cry
Everyting I feared
But I kept inside
I don't wanna hold
It back one more day
Oh wash it away
Every tiny thought clouding
Up my head
Every single word that
I never said
I refuse to feel ashamed

After all the noise I never heard our last goodbye
It was silent as a butterfly
Changes come but where they go?
you try and find, find faults in me
you project your self-hate so easily
you already lost so you push me more