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Im Jaime and i live in Nazareth Pennsylvania. Im 13. If you like any of my quotes or just want to randomly talk to me IM me because i love meeting new people!!

Quotes by x0cRosSmYhEaRtx0

God send me an angel to heal my b-r-o-k-e-n heart<3 from being in love
even though i make mistakes-i'll never break your heart <3
And im sure the view from heaven
beats the hell out of mine here

My sisters best friend Martin died February 9... he was only 15... so that song goes out for him and another person Marissa who died a year before but a day afterwords (February 10) and she was only 13... ur in our thoughts and prayers Martin and Marissa we love and miss you always
aNd ii cant mAke it On my own
Because my heart is in Ohio
so cUt my wrists and black mY eyes
so I cAn fall asleep tOnight, or die
becAuse yOu kill me
you knOw you do, yOu kill me wEll
yOu like it tOo, and I can tell
you never stOp until my final breAth is gone

Hawthorne Heights^^
= I'd rather die then have to see your smile=
//I've got some things I'd like to set in pen. I would have used a pencil but thats just not permanent.//

Hellogoodbye- Dear Jamie, Sincerly Me

awesome song^^

*~Nobody's perfect and I stand accused~*

I love Green Day! thats Dearly Beloved in Jesus of Suburbia
I'm a little more than useless
when I think that I can't do this
you promise me that I'll get through this
and do something right
do something right for once

Relient K
I believe i'll go on {{**dreams**}} are real

** its from the movie 'Honey' they sing it at the end... enjoy!

<33 Jaime
This is a convo with me and my friends

Me: OMG Barr are you syched for gym?
Barr: No i hate our teacher
Me: oh uhh How about you doug r u excited?
Doug: we better be playing jailball!
it was funny i guess u had to be there
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