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Im Jaime and i live in Nazareth Pennsylvania. Im 13. If you like any of my quotes or just want to randomly talk to me IM me because i love meeting new people!!

Quotes by x0cRosSmYhEaRtx0

God send me an angel to heal my b-r-o-k-e-n heart<3 from being in love

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x0o0x love is a r i s k x0o0x
so take a c.h.a.n.c.e__ <3

100% minee

*i love you kenny!! always and foreverr
() he loves me
() he loves me not
() he loves me
() he loves me not
() he loves me
last petal
() oh no! uhhh.... he loves me? Ughhh freakin flowers.

Those things actually work
         I       L O V E   Y O U   {             }
         I       L O V E   Y O U   { (name here) }
         I       L O V E   Y O U   {             }
         I       L O V E   Y O U   (             }

x0o0x I love you Kenny!!
sure life sometimes is a living hell
but try and fix it
don't crawl into a shell

GuYs wIll CoMe
GuYs wIll gO
BuT mEmOrIeS wIll NevEr FaDe...</3

put the heart in red and the three dots in red

have funn!
Why am i in love with you
even with all that you put me through
I wont take this crap
Its time for pay-back

I Screamed Your Name At The Sky Until I Lost My Voice..
Give me a long kiss goodnight
....and everything will be alright

put in a fancy writing
put give me a long kiss goodnight in black and the rest in red
Holding on is harder than it seems
When you're reaching for so much more
Seems so much easier to just give in
When you're reaching for so much more
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