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Tia's the name .

Don't wear it out ;)

Dance like nobody is watching*

2012, LEGGO<3

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That angry moment when;

You have the perfect quote in mind, then you forget it.



 I really like this guy. 
So I hope that
 I don't end up ruining it. 


People Order Our Patties


90% of people marry their 7th - 12th grade love♥. since u have read this, u will be told good news 2night. if u don't repost this your worst week starts now.   


Just a survey... 

 Fave if your a girl:)


Comment if you're a guy:).


You know your life sucks when your "Bestfriends" don't believe you on something you truly never did.

First Time I have ever said, and mean, F.M.L.

* At a boys soccer game for my school*

*someone on the other team falls*

Guys next to me: "Get off your knees! you're blowing up the game!!"


God I love my school.

People Change .
and not for the better .r

Angry Moment when... 
 your best friend flirts with the guy you like .  And she knows you like him .

cool . your