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my name's Sandra.
15 years old.
age doesn't matter, you don't know what i've been through.
I try to forgive & forget.
I know two people who know all my little secrets.
many people don't really notice me.
I try to be funny.
I sing, a whole lot. 
I'm not able to live in the moment, because I always fear the consequence if I do something bad or wrong. 
sometimes I do some crazy things.
sneaking out is always fun.
adore late night phone calls.
I wish I could trust more people. 
I don't listen to rumors.
I always try to find the good in someone.
I honestly think of myself as a really nice person compared to some people I know. 
I like to make new friends.

Quotes by Sandra Linh*


wherever I went, I was on the wrong end of the crowd

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forever missing you 

I wish I knew then what I

know now.


little did I know that revenge feels so sweet.
 you crushed me into a million little pieces.


I like to sleep all day & witty all night. 

it's so hard for me to walk away, but i know i can't stay

(n.)  excessive  desire  to  stay  in  bed. 

Be the kind of  person that you  want to meet.