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About This Girl
the name's shawna. but you knew that alreadyy(;
I'm 12 years young blowing out 13 candles on the 22nd of January<3
i'm in the 7th gradee, my first
year of middle school :/
laughing is amazingg(: teehee. make me laugh and i'll lovee youu for life(:
music is my escapee<333
taylor swift. paramore. boys like girls. all time low. the fray.


Quotes by x0xgiraffesXcutiex0x

   no silly abbreviations,
|  no crooked hearts,
|     no hesitations,
 '--- just plain and

until the day I died
but then, I looked into his eyes
and he completely blew off the fact.
he probably thought i was a joke.
he has a girlfriend and i have no chance.
so i lay on my bed listening to love songs and reading a romance book
just wishing that the

and tell me that you'll love me
I'm    So    Sick    Of    Watching 
while  the  minutes  pass  as  I  go  nowhere
Once Upon A Time
I believe it was a tuesday when i caught your eye
we caught onto something
I hold
on to the night
You looked me in the eye and told me you loved me
Were You Just Kidding?
cuz it seems to me this thing is breaking down
we almost never speak
i dont feel welcome anymore
baby what happened? please tell me
cuz one second it was perfect now you're half-way out the door
If Breaking Hearts Was A Sport
you'd     be     an     olympic     gold     medalist
I'm Falling Apart
I'm barely breathing With a broken heart that's still beating
|'---->In the pain there is healing
in your name 
I Find Meaning


and stream down her face, as she stares at the blank screen in front of her,
at the text he was supposed to have sent her, at the things he should have said,
and at that moment she realizes,


{{e v e n t u a l l y}}
you   learn   that