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Hey im 14..i do write my own quotes im gunna put them on here to be used....but yeah IM me and i will deff. talk to you :-)

Quotes by x3InLovex3

I miss the way things used to be...when a kiss healed a scrap and boys had cooties. but we grow up and in the end we need to realize that were living reality and not a childhood any more!But i dont wanna grow up i never had to worry about anything! and everything was P.e.r.f.e.c.t.:-*
I Cant Sleep Tonite, Its like im riding an emotional waterfall, My Life is so0o Hectic, it seems like nothin's going right, The only place i wanna be is lying in your arms right next to you not worrying about anything but **You and Me* I Love You!!

^^DeDiKaTed^^I Love You A*V*B

Made by me based on my feelings :-(
use it but dont take credit for it
Do YoU LoVe Me Do YoU WaNnA Be My FrIeNd...AnD If YoU Do WeLl ThEn DoNt Be AfRaId To TaKe Me By The Hand..I ThiNk ThIs Is HoW LoVe GoEs ChEcK YeS Er No!!
Food...Pretty self explanatory.....BRB

I Love You %n so leave it extra hott

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