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I can't go back to school looking like this. That's the downfall of this school, its like they have an image to up-hold. Everyone is skinny, absolutley stunning, and perfect at everything. I'm nothing close to that.  No matter what I do I still don't lose weight. I need one of those transformation summers. The ones that you leave gross and come back and everyone's like "who's that girl?!" Yeah, I need one of those. I hate my body. It needs to change now, and fast. I can't take it any more.
That awkward moment when

you and your best friend/ neighbor for 11 years have a crush on each other,
almost kissed on your birthday/ new years but his girlfriend called and later on he wanted to but he was drunk and you said no cause he was in a relationship.
But now, the feelings are coming back, and you constantly flirt, and you wanna be like we should be friends with benefits. But you can't be that blunt with people and don't want to be rejected.

- Rant for the night

European Cup 2012





Which side are you on? 

If you think society's messed up, then change it.

- Try your best not to judge people, until you actually know them.
- Being skinny isn't beautiful, being confident in your own skin is.
- Do the slightest favor; hold open a door, say hello, smile at someone. It could changes someones day
- If someone's sitting alone; sit with them or ask them to join you and your friends.

MOST important don't put yourself or others down.
And remember, everyone's beautiful in their own way

Get in loser,

we're going shopping.

I got a picture with all my senior crushes today!
Wish you guys didn't have to go!

I finally experinced my first graduation at Governors. I didn't think I would be so upset about the seniors leaving, I wasn't even close to many of them. They have made such an impact on this school. I hope you all live your dreams and go far in life. You all deserve it, well done guys.

When I first met you,
I had no clue you would make such an impact on my life.
I wish you didn't have to go..

Proud to say I survived
my first year at the Governors Academy!


I'm so proud of myself. I pushed through my first year, and accomplished some of my biggest fears. I deffinatley had some ups and downs, but this year really helped me grow as a person. I made some amazing friends here, and although some won't be back to finish the rest of highschool with me, i'll always remember the impact they've had on my freshman year in highschool. Sophmore year, please treat me better!

I have the HUGEST crush on this sophmore.
But I'm telling you, it's meant to be. I can feel it.

Freshman Probs..

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