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 Oh Heey There;MNames Kristina♥.

Wanna be witty friends?
i say, let's do it.

okay, completely ignore my username. 'krissy' is probably the worst nickname my friends have come up with. You can call me Kristina, or kris, or anything you can come up with.. that's not krissy.
I try my hardest not to jock quotes, or fades. So if you see that i have the same qutoe as someone else, don't flip a sh*t. Chances are, i had no idea & i'd be happy to remove it.

 Incase any of you stalkers need to know,i live in new yawk. 
   I vent ALOT on here. if you don't like that, well, you know where the unfollow button is.


Quotes by x3missykrissyx3

it just sucks because its not a bad night i'm having, its a bad life.
& there's no cure for that.
ask me anything guys, please.
tomorrow it starts. Hardcore. My water diet. & I refuse to stop until i reach my goal.
People don't ask question because they care.They ask because they're curios.
i don't have a single ounce of that.
I would be completely content with my life if i was a normal teenager. I wouldn't even mind dealing with drama, and heart ache. But no girl my age should have to deal with the things i go through.
But i refuse to complain.
i could have it alot worse.
be thanful for what you have, even if it. isnt much.
my body wont even let me throw up anymore. i guess ill always be too fat.
i honestly dont even know how to feel knowing kids are joining this site at such a young age. I know i'm only 15 but kids should not be having the problems they write about or read about at ages 11, or 12 years old.
Just Saying.
I bet if i were skinny he'd like me.