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 id tap that.
lol jk.
i wouldn’t even poke it on facebook.

*not mine.


Dear Nine,

I know you want to.

Sincerely, Six


This quote does not exist.

Dear MTV,
I was wondering if I could get my "M" back.
You know... since you're not using it.

Sincerely, _usic
What if…
When we're 30 we
still use witty; making quotes about our kids and complaining about our husbands.


One year ago,
on Oct. 26, 2009

Victoria Marie Sousa passed away
From the swine flu.
she was a
so please,
can i get 8 faves

For #8
♥RIP Victoria♥

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there'a girl crying in mmirror; 
and there's nothing i can say to make her feel better <|3


                              "WHY WONT MY LOCKER OPEN?!" 
            *kid walks up*
           'Dude, that's my locker'
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I'm not a hot girl;;

i will  probably  never turn  you on,  take your
breath away, or impress your friends with the
way  I  look... but I can make you laugh  and
make  you feel wanted, and sometimes  i'm
really freaking cute.  I just  wish that could be
enough, just once.