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Quotes by x3shortnsweet0x

&& i will wait until e t e r n i t y for you babey
sometimes when you like someone enough, you cant really put into words how you feel about them. you just kind of look at them, and well, you just know<3
you know hes something special when no matter what kinda of mood you're in..
he always manages to make you smile.<3
the one thing i want more than anything is being abe to be in your arms and you n e v e r letting go
&& she may get hurt alng the way
but shes gonna find true love someday.

cant take credit for that
&& im just wonderin
did ever come across your mind when you told her you loved her too?</3
&& as she slowly cut away all the pain, watchin the blood drip down like her endless tear drops..
she whispered to herself
-And this si to all that time you've been killing my heart slowly-
quotes from my friend-

i cried this morning thinking about how much i--->>((miss you))
but about how i finally know im gonna make it --without-- *y0u*
loving you is not an option

its my priority<3