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Heeey Tori here,
I'm thirteen; I blow out the candles in October; The twenty-fourth to be exact. I have Light Brown Hair, and Hazel eyes that change from green to brown and so fourth. I come from a small town in NewYork. I'm a Huge TaylorSwift Fan deal with it... I'm hopelessly in love with One Direction<3 Cheerleading, Singing, and Acting is my passion. I can be a bit Dorky but its me. If you read this far i appreciate it, I'm outgoing, but i could be shy, i also love making friends; I song write, but i don't think im the best at it nor do i think im the best singer; Family,Friends,Music,Cheer,and TaylorSwift is Life. Get to know me(:
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   I'd go back in time and change it but I can't,   
   So if the c-h-a-i-n is on you're door I understand.

 You were my best
four years
Rip Ronan


I'm not gonna lie,
You haven't left my mind since the day we first met.

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Maybe I'm Scared Because
I  h a v e  n e v e r   l o v e d   s o m e b o d y  a s  m u c h  a s  I  l o v e  y o u

You make me
Crazier. ♥♥

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I'm gunna find someone somday,
who might actually treat me well. 

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Anif thiwas a movie
you'd  bhere by now...


That you will ALWAYS have a better relationship with him than I ever will...