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Quotes by x3xDo0rsxDownx

And after a while you learn that you
don't need anyone else in order to survive.
No one is ever going to always be there,
no matter what they say
or what they promise you.
You just gotta suck it up, accept it
& keep on keepin' on.
-hey arnold

sleeptillthesunburnsout summer [o7]
0 more days :o ©

Summer OhI+A
where the days run into each other
and every night is a saturday night

take the hint pretty boy
she loves you.

It takessomeonespecial
t o m a k e o r d i n ar y m o m e n t s
s o m e t h i n g t o r e m e m b e r

basically;we rock©
[[so i understand if you're jealous]]


all i hear are these "heart broken"
girls that are saying OH NO! he
brooooooke myyyy heartttttt &*
but you know what ? news flash
hunnieeee - if your heart was
reeaaally broken you would
most definately be dead. <3


you girls know who you are

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