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i pinky promise,
that when we are old and in nursing homes,i will ride my electric scooter over to your room
every single dayx3

is it in you?

fairy tales Can't always be real
But love can always be out there

Let it rain for those who need to cry
Let love find a way to make everyone happy
Let light from any place shine through
Let Music guide our hearts along the way
Let every star grant a wish for everyone
Let every picture mean a thousand words

cute tops, no socks, pool time, sunshine,
sunglasses, beachpasses, best friends, new revenge tan lines, pilllow fights, late nights, have fun!summer '07 here we come!!
e a a e a e a e a e a e a a e

|x| the more i think about
|x| letting go, the more ii
|x| want to hold onn [xp]

never say [ g o o d b y e ], because
goodbye means going away. . .</3
and going away means forgetting.
a Peter pan

you know those nights
where you just cant sleep?
maybe its becayse you're
in someone elses dream

Maybe the truth is;
we hide because we want to be found
we walk away to see who will follow
we cry to see who will wipe away our
tears; && we let our hearts get broken
to see who cares enough to fix them

summer 07'

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