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Quotes by x3xDo0rsxDownx

speak louder than words
so believe what you see
and forget what you heard

Lying on the beach,
Soaking up the sun,
this is what i call I
summer fun

So we'll just ignore eachother,
and look the other way. But we
both know deep down that it was
not supposed to end this way.

Summer 2007a
bonfires with friends, partying and sneaking
out. beach day`s, midnight swims & saying
goodbye to all the drama because for three
whole months, you just don't care. <3

&& it's amazing how I can have the worst
day ever and all you have to do is smile
to make it better

if you dwell on all the bad things in life
you miss out on all the good things.
- Just my Luck

if we're trying yea we're
Breaking Free

i had a medical exam today ;;
i tested positive for bitchy
i'm allergic to haters
i've caught the virus "sarcasm"
[&+ it's highly contagious]
my only known cure is
to flip my hair, snap my
fingers, roll with my friends,
rock the stunnas, &&
curb stomp any hoes that
stand in my way.

giving some boy the ability
to break your heart; but then
trusting him enough not to


sing your heart out ; dance in the rain
play in a lightning storm &
dream under the stars

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