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hi i'm madison. i'm a sophomore and i'm 15. i love to sing and read. and that's it b y e xoxo

Quotes by xAngelxWingsx

today after school my friend asked “hey can i get your dick in a box” and i was like “no, but you can get it in a cage, cause it’s a wild animal” and the drama teacher overheard me and choked on her coffee

what happens to nitrogen when the sun rises

it becomes daytrogen

I’m going to bed.

good nitrogen

sleep tightrogen

don’t let the bed bugs bitrogen

"i'm different than most girls"

-most girls
You didn't have a good childhood,
if your mother didn't give birth to you.

me: * le on the computer *
mom: * walks in randomly *
mom: you must seek IMMEDIATE medical attention if you have an erecti0n that lasts more than 4 hours. 
mom: i will now grab a kit kat from your stash and be on my way. 
me: this is going on the internet.

true story. -____-
She talks like summer,

and walks like rain, 

  reminds me that there's a time to change.

- D r o p s  O f  J u p i t e r     ;       T r a i n

Drama, Lies, Tears; 

Cheers to the teenage years.

Hi ads,

I am not looking for a single man over 40. 
But thanks anyways

I'm excited for..

Bright leaves, Bonfires,
No more hot and sweaty attire,
Fuzzy boots, Comfy sweaters,
Enjoying the cool fall weather,
Football games, Crisp air,
No more summer time frizzy hair.
otball games, Watching stars,
Blasting music in our cars. 


Hurry up fall.