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Quotes by xAshleyLuvsBVB

me: ... did you really mean it when you said you wanted me there?
him: mhm
me: really?
him: but now you're starting to annoy the crap out of me
me: oh..
me: okay
me: I'll just leave you be then
me: I'm sorry
him: If you say so

I'm waiting for him to text me saying that he was kidding, but it's been hours. It's over. I screwed everything up. 
I thought that talking to him was going to make me feel better.

It turns out he was exactly like the other one; 

except that he said it to my face.
Who was I trying to kid? 

When you're waiting for someone to message you back and it says they're typing and you get hella excited, but then they stop and you think they're sending it.

Then 5748392 hours later you're still waiting.

it hurts so much...
I'm sick of being everyone's second option.
Brb while I cry myself to sleep again.
You don't really care.

Just sitting around waiting for someone to talk to you 
but knowing that no one will is literally the worst feeling ever.


I can't tell if I like you or if I just like the feeling of
being important to someone again.