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Quotes by xBeautiful

go clear your thoughts

I think its funny how
She claims you two are together,
but you tell me you're just friends.
Day 17 - Someone from your childhood

Dear Morgan & Mac,

You guys were freaking awesome ♥ Margan - my neighbor. I remember going over to your
house to play with Play Mobil, which is what inspired me to get the Play Mobil Grocery Store,
my favorite toy as a kid as far as I remember, ahah. Mackenzie, I had the biggest cruch on
you (yes, witty, this Mackenzie is a dude. Promise). And I get your Christmas cards, ahahaha.
I think you moved to Michigan. :/ I havent seen you since I moved away. If we ever do
see eachother again I think it will be really really awkward. Best part of being a kid. You guys.


I miss when I had a boy to text who liked me & I liked him back.

waking up to his messages and smiling till my cheeks hurt.

Truth is,

I screwed up.

Day 14 - A person you have drifted away from
Dear Tanner,

I'm pretty sure difting away from you was the best
decision of my life! :)


I'm all yours τonighτ 


Goττa feelin τhaτ i canτ deny


everyτhing abouτ you geτs me high

girl i wanτ τhis for τhe resτ of my life 

I'm all yours.

Day 11 - A deceased person you wish you could talk to
Dear Grandpa,

I really REALLY wanna talk to you, because I never even got to
meet you. I know you cant really help this, but I hate that your
dead. Every year when your 'resting' date comes around, mom
cries. I hate to see her cry and it hurts even more to know that
I cant do anything to help her either. But I know your always
looking down on her and me. There is so much I want to know
about you. Im sure mom could answer most of my q.'s, but I
think it would be a little better if you were the one to answer
them. ♥ Okay so anyways, You never even knew dad either.
He wasnt in mom's life until you passed away. Mom always
tells us how much of a great man you were. She also tells us
about how big your shoes were, like a size 16 i believe, and
how she has this one ring of yours that is so big it doesnt
even fit on my dad's big toe- and it went on your finger. How
you used to get into cars that had sun roofs and stick your
head out the top, becasue it was easier to drive that way.
Haha I love you, & I wish I Could meet your and talk to you.
Much Love, ♥


*Hot guy beside my car in bright orange Jeep*  
Me:  Hey, excuse me. But just in case you'd like to know,
I look extremely attractive in orange. (;