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hii! its lauren.  <3 
& this.. is my life. 


Quotes by xBlue_eyed_sweetiex

On 11/11/11 at 11:11,
I'm not going to wish for some guy,
im going to wish for my mom to be happy again,
our taxes to be paid off so our house isn't foreclosed,
my dad to not hate my brother and i,
my parents to love eachother,
all my stupid mistakes  forgotten,
for millions of people not to go hungry everyday,
my grandma not to be sick anymore,
for my brother to be lifted of his probation,
because somethings are more important than "him".

your favorite color is green...
You love the Phillies. 
You're a die-hard Flyers fan.
Your eyes are brown
You're insecure about that little freckle on your lip.
Your favorite animal is a dog. 
You have one older brother. 
You're afraid of h e i g h t s. 
You hate when it rains.
You love playing COD on PS3
Baseball is your sport.
You're terrible at math.
Yeah, I know you.  

does she?  

 Dear Girl Last Night,
I have herpes.
Sincerely, Dude Last Night.
 Dear Radio,
Please stop playing substandard music.
Sincerely, My Ears

Tell the devil i said
when you get back to
where you're from. ♥

i'm trapped in a maze, therefore,
  i'm amazing. 



&& I

& as she picks up the bladee;; 
she cant help but think,
dear god, why did you do this to me?

Who am I, deep inside?
A girl with no reflection,
A face with no complexion,
A yearn for sheer perfection.

Why can’t I conquer my fears?
A lack of self-identity
A stabilized serenity,
No words to my own melody.

How do I find love?
A fresh new start,
A beating heart,
Two people set apart.

Where did I go wrong?
That tantalizing smile,
A soul so versatile,
He was not worthwhile.

What do I do now?
Sit and watch the sun,
For now I'm truly done
A new chapter of my life…has just begun