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Thought we?d sorted this out, thought everything was fine, But obviously I?m still just a waste of your time, So whatever, I am done trying to fix something you just continue to break, I am tired of listening to your b/s and knowning its all fake. So you know what im done crying, I am done letting this hurt me. Because no matter how hard I try you never seem to see, How much your remarks or the way you push me aside, really damages me. So I am done trying, I quit, you win. Cause you arent worth the pain you?ve caused me to be in. fuck it bitches..we're through...

Quotes by xBr0k3Nb3aUtyx

Sometimes . :*i wish*: .
Som 1 ... a- n- y- o- n- e-
WouLd [ teLL ] mEe ii +mean+
s: O: m: E: t: H: i: N: g: 2 them...
Wen ppl start ta talk .:*shyt*:.
RiSe aBoVe them and ".g.e.t. [over] it"
<d^o^n^t> tell me yu care
cuz you dont..
<d^o^n^t> say youll always b there
cuz you wont..
<d^o^n^t> do anything just walk away
cuz im done being lied to day after day...
go ahead push me aside,
go ahead leave me out,
go ahead make me feel worthless
go ahead make me feel like shyt

cuz guess wut no matter wut you say or do, ur no longer gona bring me down...

ive grown up to realize i am better then wut you say i am
ive realized YOU r the one thats not it...

k so it sux but i needed to write it out...take it or leave it..don care...
dont do this...
dont tell me yu care
dont make me belive yu
dont let me fall...
and thenn not b there to catch me...
::tOUch MeE::
>tEaSe mEe<
*kiSS mEe*
~PlEaSe MeE~
wish i didnt kno
wish i didnt care
wish that wen i close
my eyes you werent there...
wish i never loved you
wish you never hurt me
wish you were here
wish i could forget

kinda gay but w/e
sOmE tiMeS iTs eAsiEr
tO faLL.... iNto----->
mEmoriEs of yU n Me
tHen Face My ProBleMs
I hAv nOw iN {r E a L i T y}
wHeRe thEre iS <nO> yU
...iN mY liFe...
oNly FadiNg mEmorIes,
aNd hEartBreAk GOodbYezZ
?w h y?
cAnT ii just
<::h a t e::>