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ohanna -->means<-- f.a.m.i.l.y. And N0one G3ts left *behind*
ohanna -->means<-- f.a.m.i.l.y. And N0one G3ts left *behind*
*i smile each time i hear your voice, i cant help it its not by choice
my hearts beats faster my knees get weak my stomach hurts and i can hardly breathe
each and every moment feels brand new i just cant help it.. i've fallen for you*
ThEreS aLwayS tHat sPeciAl pErsOn..
aNd wHen yOur wIth tHem..
yOur wOrld jUst stOps.. aNd
---> e v e r y t h i n g iS pErfeCt
SOme gurLs spend their whole lyfe
searching for there prince charming..
me? weLL i found mine a ling time ago
i juss dont know if ill ever be his..
[ *--> c i n d e r e l l a ]
My mOmma tOld me.
dah i can b ne thanq ii
wanna b. well i wanna
b hiisz grl;everytime she laughs she
hopes hes watching not so
he sees shes happy but-
maybe just maybe he'll fall
for her smile just as hard as
she fell for *his*x3
Somewhere between all of our laughs * long talks stupid little fights * and all'of..our'inside..jokes
| i . f e l l . i n . l o v e|
It kills me to see u
all smiles with her

i can't hide it any more
im breaking*
*I never quite got why u lied
Until i looked into your real eyes
Then i finally understood
I now realize*
Sometimes i just feel like
running a w a y
to see if anyone will
f o l l o w- - - - - ->