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my name is Caitlin, I'm 18. I really like quotes. wanna know anything ? ask.

Quotes by xC8McFantasticx

errybody's gettin a little tipsy off the crazy goose;
this will end up on the news
everyone always tells me

"People come and go, you just gotta move on."

no. you guys don't get it.

she wasn't a boyfriend, she wasn't just some friend
she was my best friend.

someone who I'll never be able to dream of replacing
she understood me, inside and out.
she could look at me, and tell if something was wrong.
she knew just what to say or do to make me feel better at any time.

and the same for me, with her.

we could literally look at each other, and read each other's minds.
that type of friendship you rarely see.

we were perfect best friends.
until something came in the way.
and now it's over.

I feel like my life has ended.
she was the best person I ever met.
and everytime people tell me to "move on,"
my heart sinks.

because I never wanted to picture my life without her.
and now that I have to, I feel empty.
I don't feel like myself anymore.
I don't even know what to do with my life anymore.

she wasn't just a friend, or a crush.
she was my best friend in the entire world.
and I'll never get that back...

I would have rather lost myself than to lose you
cause now, I don't feel myself or have you..
apparently my quotes suck.
I put
thought into them
and literally get
1 fave
gee, thanks witty
love you too...

to be honest
I'm getting annoyed with people dissing on other people who
smoke weed.
YES, I understand that its illegal.
YES, I understand that it's a drug.
YES, I understand it makes you lazy and hungry.
BUT, have you heard any of the good things about it ?
didn't think so.
Weed is my anxiety stopper.
it calms me down when I feel nervous or irrational.
Weed is my sleep medication.
without it, I'm up all night long tossing and turning.
Weed is what gives me an appetite.
normally I'm full after a few bites, and I've been losing weight,
but it helps me to get hungry and maintain a healthy weight.
Weed is a hobby.
it's honestly what brings me closer to my friends with the times we have.
Weed is a way to meet new people.
not saying everyone who smokes is normal, but you'd be
surprised how many people out there really do it.

basically, I'm just sick of "straight edge kids" talking
 crap about somethey they have
no idea about.

not encouraging anyone to try it, just don't diss on the people who do

thank you ♥

- xC8McFantasticx -

it cut me like a knife
when you walked out of my life


it's kinda funny how the Random category has better quotes than the Top Quotes

that "one true friend"

everyone talks about wishing they had.

the friend that's there through everything,

and understands everything you say.

I had that friend.

I had the best friend in the entire world.

she knew me inside out, and she helped me through everything,

and vice versa.

but I lost her, I lost that person.

now what do I do ?

I hate this town

                     It's so washed up.

                                           & all my friends,

                                                         don't give a f*kc. 

What am I supposed to do,

when the best part of me was always you?

What am I supposed to say,

when I'm all choked up and you're okay?

I'm fallin to pieces, yeah, I'm fallin to pieces...