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i am in love with my 'bestfriend'. << ♥ ' & i wouldn't change it for the world.
i will wait for you every day of forever.

Quotes by xCammie

Oh, don't come crying to you when I have a problem anymore? Just because I accidentally fell asleep at 4am when you needed help? & I DID help you through it. Okay, so whenever I want to kill myself, I'll just keep quiet.

Thanks, boyfriend. Thanks so much.

I miss you so much. ♥
You're beautiful, don't let a guy bring you down or another girl cause drama to startle you. You are amazing & don't you ever forget that. ♥
I I love you, even if we can't see each other everyday.
Even though we aren't together anymore, you're still my everything and I still love you.♥
<3 first kiss tips? i don't have good breath.. :/

Yes, my ex is wonderful♥
You are beautiful♥
No matter what anyone says! (:
She's a girl, too. Chances are she's been heartbroken too.
If they want to be together, let them♥

Love doesn't suck.
He is ONE guy out of millions. You'll find someone else, I promise.

♥ Drop me a comment if you need advice. Always here for my beauitful witty girls!