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i am in love with my 'bestfriend'. << ♥ ' & i wouldn't change it for the world.
i will wait for you every day of forever.

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Dear ex boyfriend's new girlfriend,
Treat him right & make him happy. and girl, please.. have respect for yourself. i don't hate you, i have no reason to. but please make him happy and treat him correctly♥

Yeah, I care that he's with her.
But NO, i don't hate her.
She must be special to him♥

I don't care if you hate One Direction.
It will NOT change my opinion.
SCREW YOU HATERS!(: Come at me bro♥
Witty HASN'T changed.

The PEOPLE on Witty changed.

No 1D Quotes Day?
Guys, stop. We can post whatever we want. -__-

in a healthy, loving relationship.
<3 it is everything i have ever wanted! i don't care if you  all hate guys. he is wonderful. he is so sweet. nice. kind. caring. ugh.

i love you nick

My boyfriend, is moving back to my town, to live here, in 7 days.

His dad recently died last month, and his mother was in the hospital for weeks. She just got out on Tuesday.

He lived here before, but he moved because of his dad's job. His dad passed away, so he's moving back.

I really want to get him a gift, any ideas? He loves skateboarding & the beach. :)

My best friend, Maria, just got expelled.
We will NEVER be able to talk again.

i love you so much. farewell, i wish you the best♥

You are worth SO much. You're beautiful inside and out. Your family loves you, friends love you, Witty loves you. You are such a darling :) Please keep your head up babe

Don't give up on who you love.
I have a best friend, and she dated her best guy friend back in January.
She still liked him, and I began to like him.
I told him I liked him, but then so did she.
I asked him out, so did she.
Then she said, "You really deserve him".
2 days ago, he asked me out. :)
He means
so much to me.

Don't give up on love.
; ♥ O4 - 11 - 2O12 . < 3
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