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i am in love with my 'bestfriend'. << ♥ ' & i wouldn't change it for the world.
i will wait for you every day of forever.

Quotes by xCammie

He is my heaven.
I want him.
He is everything I'll ever need.
20 months. :)
October 28th, 2013.. Please hurry up..
Now, I realize what people say about us.
How they think we'll never make it, how we're so horrible together.
But, you've gotten me through everything. Your smile is the most beautiful thing there is. Babe, I love you. & I don't care who denies our love.
At least we know it's real and it burns inside us
I have a boyfriend but I like another boy): I feel so bad.. WHAT DO I DO?

Mom: There is so much traffic down town. What is going on?

Daughter: I think it's prom night..

Mom: and MTV's 16 and pregnant begins their hunt..

Dear Matthew,

It's been 2 months that you passed as of today. Melissa's still upset, and she still loves you. She wants to be with you, so badly. But she can't be.
Death can separate people. but nothing will ever separate your love. She really DID love you. She cared more than anything. and when she heard about your death.. she collapsed. Please hold her dear in your heart. & Never forget about this beautiful girl that has loved you ever so much.♥ Rest in paradise, babe(:
dear SocietyKilledTheTeenager,
babe, i am so sorry for your loss. i don't know you, at all. i really hope we can become friends or something. but i just found out about your boyfriend. and it had me burst right into tears. i am so horribly sorry. but remember, he loves you with everything he has. he would be right here with you if he could. he wants only the best for you. & he thinks about you more than you will ever know. just because he's gone doesn't mean his feelings are. his feelings for you are forever. he still thinks of you, still loves you, still cares. it's just as hard for him, as it is for you. you're not alone sweetie. please hang in there. and whenever you think of his passing.. remember this. he hasn't forgotten about you. the memories still remain in his heart. they never left.

- xcammie.♥

FramingMatthew passed away 2 MONTHS AGO as of today.

His girlfriend as still listed as "in a relationship" with him on facebook. Click the ♥ for SocietyKilledTheTeenager (Matthew's girlfriend)

Today, my friend asked out my boyfriend.

I was with him at the time.

He put his arm around me, and kissed me gently.

He rejected her, and told me that'd never happen.

That I belong to him, only him(:

& That he would be more than lost without me.


Dear former best friend,

I miss you. I miss our Summer memories, and how you were so in love with Brian. I miss how we got icecream at Baskin Robbins all the time, and split food. Come back.

I love you.
♥ Never gonna change..

you know what? i LOVE him.♥
i don't care if you don't. he's mine. my boyfriend, my best friend, my angel.
if you can't accept the fact i'm happy with him, go away.
but don't try to break my relationship apart.
i love him too much to ever lose his unconditional love.

if i lost him, i'd lose myself too.
& that's why i'm so protective.

i will never, be the same without this boy..
i hope he never leaves. love you baby. more than you'll ever know.

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