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Your Birth Certificate Is An Apology Letter From The Condom Factory.<3 


Violencmay not be the right answer,
||||||||||||||||||||||||                 but it sure as hell solves the problem. :)




+& no matter what people say,

     I ' M    S T I L L     G O N N A    L O V E    Y O U    A N Y W A Y                      ♥




Selena Gomez:
"Who says you're not Perfect?" 

 Um well,
Hannah Montana



is the fear of falling in love and not being loved back.

When you see a hot guy and you're just like
oh he

the simple things in life(#4);

those song lyrics that match your mood perfectly. when a bunch of people like your
status on facebook.
when you finally find that comfortable position in bed. clothes
that are still warm from the dryer.
splashing through puddles in rainboots. holding a
puppy. being told you're beautiful.
making someone smile after they've been crying.
accomplishing something right before the microwave beeps. stuffed crust pizza.
when that really cute shirt is in your size. boys with freckles. when someone knows
you're lying when you say 'i'm fine.'
those kisses when you're in the middle of saying
something, everybody loves those rude interruptions(:
that question on the test that
tells you the answer to a different question.
catching something that was thrown
from far away.
impressing someone. watching cartoons from your childhood. hearing
an old song and feeling all the old memories come flooding back to you.
money in your jeans.
sitting in class and hearing someone shout something so
random and stupid in the hallway.
looking through pictures from a really long time
when people surprise you. remembering what the name of the song is
that's been stuck in your head all day.
that pencil that makes your write amazingly
being in an argument and actually being right. singing at the top of your
when your mom cooks your favorite food for dinner. that sugar rush after
you eat way too much candy.
when your teacher starts telling you some random
story so you don't have to do work.
being so hyper anything and everything is
freakin hilarious.
and that mood where legit nothing can bring you down.(:
This quote does not exist.

put your shirt back on.