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Quotes by xDaniixGoesxRawrRx

A thousand miles seems pretty far,
but they got planes, and trains, and cars.
I'd walk to you if I had no other way.
Our friends would all make fun of us,
but we'll just laugh along because we
know that none of them have felt this way.
Delilah I can promise you that by the time
that we get through, the world would never
ever be the same, and you're to blame.

Sometimes you need to
run away just to see who
will come after you


I want our love to be like
Cory and Topanga's


My ''friends'' always
make plans without
me, and exclude me.
And then they complain
about how they never see me.
Lmao stfu.


My mind tells me to give up,
but my heart wont let me ♥


Never regret something
that once made you smile

Follow your heart,
where ever it takes you  

The day I finally moved on
and forgot about you and
everything we were and had,
you IM me on


I just can't explain this shitt anymore,
why do I always fall for your type?


Anything can happen,
on a night like this