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Quotes by xEmmax

One of my sister's friends commit suicide last night. We'll all love you and miss you. 

R.I.P Courtney
Ok I'm officially a wh*re.

So this girl at my school
made a Burn Book. 
of the people she didnt like.
And said some pretty sh*tty stuff about people.
Like in Mean Girls.
And her "best friend" told everyone about it.
Like in Mean Girls.
And everyone hates her now. 
Like in Mean Girls.

I honestly think my whole school is one big Mean Girls movie.
Just me?



*Today at lunch*

Me: Why can't you come on Friday?

My best friend: Well...maybe i have

Both of us: *Look at each other*

Both of us: *start cracking up*


If you watched any of these shows when you were younger, your childhood was awesome.

The Amanda Show
Sesame Street
Even Steven
Dragon Tales
Lizzie McGuire
Full House
The Proud Family
Kim Possible
Lilo & Stitch
That's So Raven
Blue's Clues
The Wiggles
The Land Before Time

Hey Arnold 
Boy Meets World

Comment any that I missed(:


That mini heart attack you get
when the security alarm in a store accidently goes off when you walk through the door and you look around like IT WASNT ME, I PROMISE.

One of the hardest decisions
is choosing between sitting and staying on the computer, 
or getting up and getting food.



thought was normal untiI met my besfriend.

(♥)That mini heart attack(♥)
You get when the security alarm accidently goes off in a store when you walk out the door.



Deleting one "ha"
from your hahahahahaha, because you thought it was too much.