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Hey there, it's xforeverlovedx. I obviously write stories on here and I would love if you checked them out. If you don't like my stories, don't waste your time telling me, please just get off my page or chapter. If you do read, please fave so I know your lovely face is reading. I'd love feedback also! If you have any ideas or want to be in my story, feel free to ask. I love all my followers/readers.
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The Nerd
Chapter One
I walk downstairs with a plaid skirt on, a white blouse, my hair in pigtails, and my huge glasses on. I really think I can pull this off and I'm happy I decided to be a nerd. No one will want to be my friend, and that is exactly what I wanted. Why make friends when you're going to move in just a few months again?
I hear my mom laugh as I sit down at the table. "Why do you always do this?"
"Do what?" I ask, even though I know what she means.
"You have a different personality every time we move." She explains.
"Why be myself when I'm just going to move?" I question. "And besides, it's fun."
"Whatever." My mom smirks. "Let's get going. Grab the keys."
Once we reach the school, I already point out the groups. Preps, jocks, losers, etc.
"Do you need me to come in with you?"
"No, mom. I'm fine. I'll see you later." I smile.
Most people would be scared and worried if they were me. They would be scared to be judged as soon as they stepped out of the card. Worried that someone was going to say something about their outfit, hair, and big nerdy glasses. Me? I step out of my car proudly and I smile as every one stares at me. The new girl. The nerd. I know who I really am and that's not something I'm proud of. I definitely don't want to be in the group I'm supposed to be in.
I walk into the school and behind me I hear a nasily voice scream, "Nice uniform, nerd."
I smile as I hear that, I turn around and smile."Thank you, nice hooker clothes." I wink.
That girl had a belly shirt and shorts way too far up her behind.
"Hey, I"m Lauren." A girl with bright blonde hair smiles.
"Uhm, hey. I'm Evelyn." I smile.
I was literally at the library surrounded by nerds and this girl didn't look like a "nerd." She just had on sweater and some jeans.
"You know, I read people really well." She smiles.
"Okay, and your point is?" I ask, confused.
"You don't have to pretend to be someone your aren't. Especially around me." She smiles.
"I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Look, I'm considered a nerd because I study and have good grades." She laughes. "You don't have to wear those clothes."
I laugh and smile at this girl. "It's just what I do."
"Care to explain?" She sits down.
For some reason, I trusted this girl. I didn't want to because I don't want to make friends, but for some reason I tell her.
"My mom and I, we move around a lot. Where's the fun if I don't do something at each school? So, I change my look and personalily each time we move."
"Why don't you just be yourself?" She asks.
"I don't like that person. And what's the point when I will be moving in a couples months anway?"
"Because you could make a friend. A true friend." She smiles.
"There is no point in making friends when I'll have to leave shortly after." 
"Whatever you say, but we should hang out sometime. You seem pretty cool." Lauren smiles.
"Maybe." I smirk.
"Bye, nerd." Lauren laughs.

Note: You guys like it so far??? :)

The Nerd
The nerd. Something millions of teens are called daily. What if a “nerd” was really just putting up an act? What do I mean? What I mean is what if a person pretended to be a nerd? This someone is Evelyn Ridgeway. Evelyn moves from school to school. She’s been moving every few months because her mom can’t keep a steady job. With her father being gone, it’s hard to manage money around here. Evelyn has been the outsider, the jock, the prep, the cheerleader, the loser, but what she hasn’t been is the nerd. Evelyn is on her way to Alabama, it is just the beginning of spring. Evelyn wishes she could call this a new beginning, but if that was the case, she’d have a “new beginning” every few months. Evelyn and her mom arrive at Alabama, the whole ride was silent.
“Are you going to go shopping for some clothes?” My mom asks me.
“Yeah, if there’s a place nearby.” I mumble.
This is a little town. There are a few houses near me and down the road are all the local stores.
“Here take 50 dollars.” My mom holds out some money.
“Mom, I have my own money.” I tell her.
“Yes, Evey, and I don’t like that job. Thank goodness there isn’t one around here.”
“Helped you pay the bills, didn’t it?” I make my snobby remark.
“Whatver, Evelyn, take the keys. Go shopping.”
I take the keys and look at the map where my mom jotted down all the stores. I search my purse for the huge nerdy glasses I bought for my new self. I was going to be a nerd. If anyone from my new school is at the store, they need to see me as the nerd. I put my hair in pigtails and put my glasses on.
Hello Alabama.

Note: Yeah, it's short but it's also just a prologue! I'm sticking with this story. I've lost my motivation for writing, but I'm here to try again.



She's Alone
// pr ol og ue \\

It doesn't matter if people seem happy, that doesn't mean they are not sad, depressed, or alone. People don't realize that the people that are smiling and laughing in public, are really going home crying because of how the really about life. That's exactly what I am, sad and alone. It sucks going from having the greatest best friend, sweetest boyfriend, and best parents to having no one. I don't understand why people have stabbed me in the back when I have done nothing but be there for them. My sister and I used to be really close, but then a few words slipped, and I would never forgive her again. There's so much to my story that you don't know that I have to tell. Well I might as well get started, and first thing I'm going to say is, "My name is Evelyn."

NOTE: Okay, so you got me! I miss you guys so much, I'm going to try writing again. This story is called "She's Alone" and basically it's gonna be about myself, but with a different life story. So, please leave me feedback. Do you like? Sorry it is short, I mean it is a prologue and I'm known for short prologues.

This is my realest story, give me critism, but people try not to be rude about what the story is about.

Hello Everyone
// just came to say hello \\

Hey guys. I really miss you on here. I don't get feedback on wattpad like I do with you. And I made much more friends on here than on wattpad. I did make quite a few friends on there, but most of you are on there because of me leaving witty. I just wanted to ask, how are you guys doing? If you wanna stay in touch with me, comment below and I'll be sure to talk to you.

love, xforeverlovedx.
Hey everyone I made a tumblr! It is girllistenup.tumblr.com so please go follow me and I will follow back. Also I have been making a sequel to Captain "Horse" on wattpad! Go check it out!

Attention Readers

I'm so sorry for taking so long to post anything.
I'm not going to be writing a story on witty any time soon.
I don't have any ideas. The one about the pregnant teen will be on wattpad.
I want to put more detail into it and on witty it will be against the rules.
If you want to read my stories, please go on wattpad.
My name on there is xforeverlovedx.
Many of my readers are already on there and reading my stories.
So thank you if you go on there.
Okay well that' it for now.
Goodbye. :)

More Than Friends
e p i / /  l o g u e

Amy's POV
The night I left my house to go to Carson's, my mom and dad came.
There was a huge fight between everyone.
Including, Mitch, my brother.
Carson and I finally talked to my dad and got him to realize that this wasn't an engagement ring.
He said he was just freaked out because he didn't want his "little girl" growing up.
It's now been a year, Carson and I are still together.
He's going to college, which is a little scary.
The best part is that he is going to the closest one.
"Hey, babe." Carson wraps his arm around me.
"Hello there, handsome." I smile and turn around to give him a kiss.
"Your parents said you could come stay with me in my apartment." He smiles.
"What? No way!" I start jumping up and down.
"Yes way." My dad comes out onto the porch. "I'm trusting you, no funny business."
"Yes, dad. Oh my gosh, I need to go pack!"
Instead of staying in a dorm, Carson is living in his own little apartment, getting a small job, and goling to school.
The college is only about one hour away, and we're going today I guess.
I only had to pack a couple pairs of clothes since I'm only going for the weekend.
"You done, yet?" Carson walks in after five minutes.
"Just have to grab my make-up." I walk over to my dresser.
"No, you don't need that. It's just me and you. No make-up. You're beautiful." He tells me.
"Why are you so cute?" I smirk. "Let's go."
Carson and I say goodbye to everyone and get in his car to leave.
"I love you, Amy." Carson says as he starts driving.
"I love you too, Car."
I still can't believe I've been dating my brother's bestfriend, aka my best friend, for a year and more to come.
Everyone said we had a thing, but I never believed them.
I guess I just didn't want to admit my feelings for him.
I didn't want to admit that me and my best friend were more than just friends.
But I guess we're better off as boyfriend and girlfriend.
I love and him and he loves me.
We were always more than just friends, I just never saw it at first.

NOTE: That's the end! I'm sorry if it sucked, I just needed to end it before it became more boring than it already is. I have an idea for a new story, but it's about a pregnant teen and I need to know if you, my readers, think it's "appropriate." Let me know. :D

More Than Friends
c h a p t e r / /  t w e n t y - t w o

Amy's POV
"You've got to be kidding me, Mom."
"I'm sorry, hun. I tried to talk to him, he won't listen." She says softly.
"Does this even look like an engagement ring? No, I didn't think so." I tell her, not even letting her reply.
"I tried to tell him."
"You didn't try hard enough, leave me alone, please." I tell her.
"Don't be rude to me, Amy." My mom tells me sternly.
"Whatever." I roll my eyes.
My mom walks out of my room and closes the door.
I grab my iPhone and look out my window to the tree.
I could easily get out and climb down the tree because of all the branches.
I'm scared, but I'm going to do it anyway.
I put my iPhone in my pocket, and slowly open my window to avoid any screeching noises.
I slowly get on to the tree and climb down, making sure each branch is safe to step on.
I start running so my parent's don't see me outside.
I take out my phone and dial Carson's number.
"Carson." I answer breathlessly. "I'm coming over."
"Woah, woah, woah. Amy, do your parents know?"
"Of course not, it's fine though!"
"Amy don't do this."
"Bye, see you soon!" I hang up and stop running to catch my breath.
Not even 10 minutes later, I arrive at Carson's to see him waiting outside.
Once he sees me, he starts jogging towards me, and pulls me into a hug.
"My dad said I can't date you and you can't come over." I tell him, letting a tear fall.
"This isn't happening. Please tell me this isn't happening." Carson says.
"We'll make it work, I promise."
Carson looks down at me and gives me an assuring smile.
"I can't believe I finally have you and now I might not be able to."
"Carson, we're not breaking up. I promise."
But as soon as I say that, my mom and dad arrive in their car and so does my brother.
"Amy, get in this car immediately!"

NOTE: AHHHHHH. Sorry for not updating. I've been sick and such.. I know it's short, but it's almost over so :(

More Than Friends
c h a p t e r / /  t w e n t y - o n e

Amy's POV
"Dad, it's a promise ring from Carson. Calm down." I tell him.
"Oh, Amy. Do you think I'm stupid? I know what that is!" My dad yells at me.
My dad never yells at me, so this is actually scaring me.
My dad starts walking out of the kitchen and upstairs.
"Dad, would you calm down!" I yell, chasing after him.
"Carson! How dare you propose to my daughter? She is only sixteen!" My dad yells at Carson.
"Sir, that is a promise ring. I didn't propose." Carson trys to reason with him.
"You teenagers are unbelieveable nowadays! Carson you are no longer aloud here. My daughter is going to graduate, go to college, get married, and then have kids. She will NOT be getting married at sixteen."
"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, AMY." My dad turns to me. "And you, get out, don't come back here."
Carson stares at my dad, then looks at me, and then just walks out of my room.
"Carson, don't leave." I start walking after him.
"Your dad doesn't want me here anymore or even near you. I need to go." Carson sighs and walks out the door.
I can hear my mom, dad, and Mitch fighting upstairs about the whole situation.
Even my mom is on my side and Carson's.
I was so furious and sad right now, I sat down on the couch and just cried.
My dad walks downstairs and looks at me. "I don't regret making him leave, but I am sorry for yelling at you."
"NO!" I yell at my dad. "Don't talk to me, don't even come near me." I tell him, walking back up to my room.
"Amy, get down here!"
"No!" I yell back down, and slam my bedroom door shut.
About ten minutes later, I hear a soft knock on the door.
"Go away." I tell the person.
"It's me, dear." My mom says softly.
"Fine, come in." I grunt.
My mom walks in and sits down. I can tell by the look on her face, there's something bad she needs to tell me.
"Please don't be mad at me." My mom whispers.
"What's going on?" I ask anxiously.
"Your father doesn't want you dating Carson or being even near him. I tried to reason with him, but he wouldn't listen."

NOTE: AHHHHHH. Sorry for not updating. I've been sick and such.. Does anyone have the game Monster Pet Shop or KIK? Let me know.