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Names Annah, I'm 14 years young, & a freshman. I can be the nicest girl you'll ever meet, or the worst. You can decide that(; I'm extremely sarcastic, and I'm always laughing. You can hardly ever take me seriously, Dancing Robot Teal Red Heartunless I'm upset. I hate drama, but it always seems to find me. I've lost friends from rumors, but my really good friends are here for me through everything. I love meeting new people, so drop me a comment if you want to talk.
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When I was five years old,

My mom told me happiness was the key to life.
When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I said happy,
They told me I didn't understand the assignment.

I told them they didn't understand life.
-John Lennon

'I'm sorry, I just want to be friends'
Story of my freakin' l i f e .

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All I really want...
Is to have him like me, the way I like him,
To have him steal glances at me, the way I steal glances at him.
To have my smile make him smile, like his does to me.
To have me just being by him give him butterflies, like being by him does to me.
To have me ask "wanna hangout" make him excited, like him asking does to me.
To have him see me and have his breath taken away, like he does to me.
To have him want to be with me, as much as I want to be with him,
All I really want,

Is for him to love me back.

You know those people;
with those cool profiles.
Yeah, how do you do that,
Anything to help me is appreciated

You're not alone . I understand you .

I don't hate you , I never could . I don't regret meeting you , I never will . But what I do regret is our relationship . It destroyed the best thing we had ; our friendship . All I could ever wish for right now , is to get back what we lost 

how do you make your profile background real nifty with those changing colors , and put a bunch of pictures in your profile . & how do you make your comments centered or to the left , & how do you make the search box , and comment box change colours . If you know how to do any of that , could you please comment , it would make my day <3


Sooo , do any of you lovely people have a Formspring (:



Everyone has a weakness
but   I   happen   to   have    two  ;
everything    you    say   ,
&   everything    you   do  .