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i'm going to see miley fucking cyrus.

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Random Fact #4

rostbite Falls, Minnesota.

The home of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Also,
where the newspaper goes by the name
 The Picayune Intelligence
If the Minnesota Swarm played any worse, we'd have to call them the Wings.

{{Swarm 4eva babee}}
Mr.Voorhies:Norway is where the vikins came from
Cody:I thought they came from Minnesota...

That actually happened in my World Studys class.lol.


Me at 2 A.M: I should bake a cake.


i'm so mad that toasters
aren't called tanning breads.


you're the jelly to my burger,
the knife to my soup,
the glitter to my sushi,
and the ketchup to my icecream.
my point is, you're worthless.


so he calls me up and he’s like “i still love you” and i’m like “wait are you joe, taylor, lucas, john, cory, toby, jake, zac, garrett, eddie, conor, patrick, or harry?”

     non-english speaker: I am awfully sorry
     at the terrible state of my
     English abilities, as for the
     English language is not my mother
     tongue. I hope you forgive me
     for every foolish mistake I make.

     english as first language: lol it okei

                    f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 

 Every book
you've ever read
is just a different combination
of 26 letters.
Weird, isn't it?


the sexiest thing about smoking cigarettes
is the part where you don't smoke them at all.