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Sorry to disappoint any of you but i'm leaving witty profiles. I find this site awfully boring and pointless .-. So this is my good-bye to all of you who talked to me and were really good friends. Bye

Quotes by xJustbeingmyselfx

Don't sit around and wait for people to say ''Be useful'' Get up and be useful before they say it.
I wait for a thousand years
~ Christina Perri
I'm tired of hearing  girls and guys who keep saying
''I'm bisexual''
''I'm a Lesbian''
''I'm gay''
''I'm a transgender''
It's none of my business and they have to brag about it and it's like keep those personal things to yourself.

You got to watch out for society. People will get to you and things will get worse.
I wish we wouldn't have to say goodbye to our memorie or say hello to the future.
I love winters because you get to wear  big sweaters, drink hot tea, and cuddle.
That terrible moment when
You forget something that you need to bring to school and realize 30 minutes later you say ''AW CRAP!''
The moment you say ''I want to go back-to-school shopping!'' Is the moment you are back in school :|
You know what sucks?
i'm pretty much the only person in this world that doesn't have an iphone :(
I'm so tired of everyone on here that's judging my beliefs. It makes me so angry it's like SHUT UP!