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im a Cute cheerleader LOL and i love my bffl

Quotes by xLiL_hUnNiE15x

. .Never let the fear of stricking out . .
. .Keep you from playing the *game*. .
~*A cinderella story*~
"Why are you trying so hard
to fit in, when you were born
to stand out?"
*what a girl wants*-->watchin it
Every story has an ending
But in life every ending
is just a new beggining
Uptown Girls BbMmL...
*`Thirty,Flirty, and Thribing*`
watching 13 goin on 30
im sexy im cute im popular to bute

Bring it on the bomb movie
**...Pink isnt just a color...**~
**...its an attitude...**

use it dont abuse it
dancin keeps me alive i cant stop<--My Life<3
My Friends keep my tears from falling<33
im doin somethinh..........

:- -::- [] _____ -::-
... __/ \/\____
, o `,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | | | | | | || |l,,,,
,.- ,.-~~-.,.
around the house

OMG i didnt make it but i love it