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The names Lizzie, 
M e m o r i e s n e v e r d i e .

I don't come on here anymore,
makng quotes of some of the notes on my phone.
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     so sick of your bullsh*t like really I didn't do anything to you don't call me a b*tch

Those quotes that when you go to fave them they say;
"please sign in to add this quote to faves" and your like "I am signed in!" 


Please sign this. Innocent animals are being tortured in the most horrific ways.

please come back. please.

Me: I feel like screaming.
Me: I can't fight these tears anymore
Me: I want to break down
Me: I miss you so much
Me: Please come back.
Me: I can't stop crying
Me: I can't breathe.
Me: Why did cancer take you away.
Me: This isn't how it was supposed to end.
Me: I love you.

Me: I miss you.


I feel like crying because your not here. I keep picturing you in my head, wishing you we're still here. I don't want to come to the realization your gone because I don't think I can handle it. I keep talking to you in my head telling you everything that's happening. It's crazy without you here. But I will do everything I can to try and be strong for you. I know that's what you would want. But it's really hard and I can't fight the tears much longer. I love and miss you so much.

I hate cancer.

*Watching Pretty Little Liars Marathon Event*
How long is this? How many are there or do you keep putting new ones on?
Me: It's a Pretty Little Liars marathon only till 11PM.
Brother: Ahhhhhhhh. ugh.
*10 minutes later*
*singing Pretty Little Liars theme song* Better lock it, in your pocket.

You don't know how strong I feel,
how much control I feel like I have, when a blade is in my hand,
you don't know how much I fight the urge to hurt myself,
how much I h a t e myself,
the scars are almost gone, no one knows I've done it,
it's why I don't go swimming,
he told me not to do drugs, or drink alcohol,
but s e l f - h a r m didn't seem to come to his mind.  

When people say,
you're going to hell if you support gay marriage. Like honestly. I'm going to go so many places but that isn't one of them. I understand that if two people love eachother it shouldn't matter what gender they are. Why can't two people just be happy together? If a man and a women have the right to be married. A women and another women and a man and another man should have the same right. It doesn't seem right to me that it's frowned upon and illegal. All that's doing is making things worse. People are afraid to come out because they will be judged. People can't be with the one person they love. How cruel is that? It doesn't affect your life if two people you don't even know of the same gender get married does it? No it doesn't. It's okay to be gay, or lesbian or bisexual. Let people decide, let them have the choice. Love is love. It's not just between a man and a women. Try to see things from my eyes. Telling people their going to hell because of their opinions won't help anything.
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