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Quotes by xMCRx3

it's funny how you think those 3 words[i love you]can make everything better.
don't just say it, show it. </3
are you really going to give this up?
we have something so perfect.
please, don't do this to me.
so i'm getting insanely sick of my layout right now.
and i reeeaalllyy want a new one(:
so if anyone could help me out by telling me people that do layouts, that would be great!! (:
thank you for your time(:
& i'm so scared of losing you.
i try my hardest to have conversations with you,
but it seems like you want nothing to do with me.
please just tell me,

W H A T  A M  I  D O I N G  W R O N G ?
please don't do this to me.
stop flirting with her, i'm begging you.
i was holding back tears, did you not see?
i tried so hard to make you talk to me, to laugh with me, to just  l o o k  at me.
why were you focusing all of your attention on her?
she has a boyfriend,
and guess what?
you have a girlfriend,
and she's desperately trying to get your attention.
but you're too busy flirting with one of her best friends.
i care so much about you, i can't stand it.
you're all i ever think about.
your laugh,
your smile,
your sense of humor,
the way you can make me forget about  e.v.e.r.y.s.i.n.g.l.e  bad thing in my life.
you're driving me insane.
i feel like i'm losing you,
and i have no idea what to do. </3

i'm sorry, i just had to vent- majorly.