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Quotes by xNeonx

Even stevens the musical episode is going to be on Disney channel at midnight today.
Disney will be having a throwback thursday only on Wednesdays! 


That Awkward Moment,
When you listen to your old favorite songs back in Elementary & Middle school and after reading the lyrics, you realize the song was not meant for kids.


My thoughts During school:

Coughcough i'm sick.
Urgh hate this school.
Stop looking at me
Why are people hugging, You guys talked yesterday.
Don't look at me
I hate having Gym first period. 
4 more months till i'm finished with gym in highschool.
sooo bored.
why do we keep on playing basketball? 
finally class is over. Thank goodness first period is an 1 hour and 10 mins.
don't look at me 
lallalalala i knew you were trouble when you walked in...
excuse u
why are you making me talk. I have something in my throat. 
hate presentations. with a PASSION.
Please nobody bring up the test today.
I don't get how people dont do their work but then complain about not getting a good grade.
please. just please, don't look at me.
This teacher just keeps on talking about her life. its been 48 mins already.
Stop asking why i'm quiet.
My math class has 4 topics every week: Justin bieber, Gossip, School, Movies.
No wonder why we never finish our work.
I wanna go home. 
You make me feel uncomfortable.
This is why Italian is my fav class. Because u always play this song from the lizzie mcguire movie!
I'm hungry

Did this quote because these quotes are interesting lol
That one person in your class, 

That asks off-topic questions like, 
"Is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable?" or
"can you cry underwater?"

I hate it when people stare at me.


Person: *staring at me with a blank expression*


Why are you staring at me.
Stop staring at me.
Do i got something on my face?
You make me feel uncomfortable.
Do i look like a celebrity? NO
 Just take a picture, It'll last longer

Person: *breaks  eye contact*

 Thank goodness

True story.
Hey now hey now...
this is what dreeeaaaammss are made of!

It's so weird seeing teachers outside of school.

But when you see them at the grocery store..That's awkward.

I'm pretty sure everyone had this moment,

When the teachers butt is in your face while helping another person and you're just like:


when actually your like:
o.O O.o O.O

Sitting there feeling extremely uncomfortable.

You're watching a old music video of a famous person and you compare how they looked or their music from then and today.

Ohmygosh so much has changed. 

Me:  Hey ;)
 *Awkwardly winking at  poster * 

Poster : . . . . 

Me: Shhhhh!! You talk too much.