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Quotes by xNeonx

"You are  never too old to watch a disney movie"

 Homework during the  


     December 21st:  I've got all break

December 24th: I'll do it later, Christmas is tomorrow and i don't wanna spend my time doing homework the day before christmas.

December 30th: I'll do it tomorrow

December 31st: Okay okay, i'll do it tomorrow i promise!

January 1st Morning: Laterrr... I don't feel that good.

January 1st Midnight: Tomorrow morning for sure

January 2:  ....Ooooops

Oh my goodness.

I just realized that i put 12/21/12 on all my work today. Anyone else did the same?



I  Love you. . . .

 i love you to the moon...and back♥




  What if the blackout actually happens...but during the blackout, the zombie apocalpse begins? 

lol i think too much. 

                  W h a t ' s  t h a t ?  A  h a t ? 
 A crazy junky funky hat.


                                                              coming home everyday after school to watch your favorite show? ♥


*Takes first step inside the school*
Me: ..Great. -_-




Admit it, You read that in Chelsea's voice. 

"You can't live your life... 

for other people.  

You've got to do what's right for you, even if 

it hurts some people you love." 


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