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Close your eyes... And go back...Before the Internet or the AIM,Before the 5 hours of homework you put off every night...I'm talkin' bout hide and go seek at dusk.Red light, Green light.Playing kickball & dodgeball until your porch light came on.Mother May I?Running through the sprinkler.Happy Meals,Watchin' Saturday Morning cartoons;
Like Hey Arnold and Doug,Who could forget Snick,Your first day of school.Goodnight Kisses.Getting an ice cream off the ice cream truck,Jumpin' down the steps,Jumpin' on the bed,Pillow fights,Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt and you almost peed your pants.Being tired from playin' all day,Your first crush.Rainy days at school meant playing "Heads up 7-Up" in the classroom.Kool-Aid was the drink of the summer.When getting high was swinging on the swingset,When Toys r Us overuled the "mall"I want to go back to the time when...Decisions were made by going "eeny-meeny-miney-moe"Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming, "do over!"Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in "monopoly"Being old, referred to anyone over 20.The worst thing you could catch from a boy was cooties.Nobody was prettier than Mom,Nobody was cooler than Dad,Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better.Getting an inch of snow was a dream come true.Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles.
&& I squeeze my eyes tight and think of when I was younger;and as the tears fall down my cheek I relize I would give anything to go back...

all mine<.3
please dont take credit
&& it's those days you wish you had a boyfriend, to cuddle with, hold hands, kiss, tell him everything, or by just looking at him and knowing you mean the world to him and he loves you with all his heart, it's those days you have to wish for a fantasy to become reality...I just want to be loved by someone </3
Looking into your eyes takes my breath away which makes me speechless <3
Knowing that im never going to be able to hug you again makes me breath faster , because when I was in your arms you were the only one who took my breath away ...</3
----»Stcks and Stones
May Brake
Your Bones
Name will [Never]
H u r t Y o u«-----
Dont treat people d_i_f_f_e_r_e_n_t_l_y
then h o w [you]
Would like to be treated
It's not that you
[D o n t] *CaRe*
Just the fact that
*Y o u* [Never] dId-

please dont take credit
-There are reasons for living__
__My friends showed me-<3
Ive found out__
that all you really need in life...
Is the best of friends--
nd I got them<3 Best Friends ForEver__

Edits- Best Friends ForEver * Put bold on all the fisrt letters and in ForEver on the E

PLease dont take credit