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Quotes by xOL0V3lY_x3

you& + me.
now thats how its supposed to be

beautyqueen *<3
Theres a reason for

     and  even when you
     doubt   that you  
     p u s h
   ///    through
     because  you  
     in the end it will all be
 worth it

drench yourself  in words
unspoken  [ live your  life ]   
with arms wide open today
is where  your  book begins
the       rest      is  still     [ <3 ]

this is the [[story]] of a g i r l who cried a river
and drowned the whole world
there is three sides to e v e r y_ s to r y
one persons side
;; the other persons side
      &+ the truth

best friends  ;
 its a promise, not

a label.<3


i'd rather be
hated for [who i am] than
l o v e d for who i'm notae
on somebody you can't go a
day without [( thinking )] about<3

who never learned how to let go