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 i'm done w/ wittty - or atleast till now.
i'ma misssh you girls ♥


Quotes by xO_stella

woke up late late today,
i still feel the sting of the pain ,
But i brushed my teeth anyway.
I got dressed througthe mess ,
& put a smile on my face ,
I got a little bit stronger today .


he is so funny. he made me laugh so much earlier.
did i just catch him staring at me?!
no way - why would a boy like him be interested in me?

i saw him talking to another girl a while ago.
not much (youve really hurt me)
im off. good night. (please stop me from going?)
*sigh. oh well*

I really love him. But i know he wont love me back.
her laugh is so cute.
she is so pretty.
uh-oh. she caught me looking. i better look away.

she looked sad a while ago.
*texts her* hey, whats up?
Uh, ok. thats good. (i hope your okay)
good night (i wanna talk to you all night long)

I really love her. But she wont love me back.


Reposted ;*
you haven't really lived
until you've met someone
worth dying for

...WARNING! (;
I tend to get inappropriate at sleepovers.  


his eyes, hi eyes,
Make the stars look
like they're not shining




I just miss you.


& i guess   when i saw you guys holding hands at the mall,
walking   around  like  I   never  even  existed,     you  didn't
have a
care in the world. I still remember when i made you
that   happy,  but   now  i   know   it's  
all  over.  I should've
figured  that  out  over two  months  ago,  i  guess i was just
holding on to the idea of us because maybe, just maybe 
we could go back to the way it was before. But it's too late now

to fix our love.

not that good, but for kristen ♥


you think i'm pretty
without any make up on